GoNintendo Video Review - Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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- Fantastic sense of scope and scale
- Amazing soundtrack
- Battle system is less intimidating than it looks
- Story keeps you interested throughout
- Plenty to explore


- Voice acting is mediocre
- Side-quests aren't very exciting
- Some plot points fall flat

Final Word

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is yet another great entry in the Switch library. This one should keep RPG fans busy for quite some time. There's an insane amount of things to do and see along your journey, and battles will keep you thoroughly engaged.
While the experience might look overwhelming from the outside, the in-game tutorial is evenly paced and does a fantastic job of explaining everything without being overbearing. There's also a lot to enjoy in the story department, even if there are a few missteps along the way. All in all, if you're looking for yet another meaty Switch experience with all the RPG trappings, you should be very happy with what you find here.


So they just can't come close to the amazing story of the original Xenoblade. We all knew it was a hard task though.

Can you change the voices to japanese?

Yup! Just download the free japanese voice pack on eshop.

Thanks for clearing that up! I'm glad Nintendo is now giving these options.

No problem! Yeah same here, especially after hearing the english voice overs I am so glad I can switch that off.

Thu Nov 30 17 08:48am
Rating: 1

You know what? This is actually a good review! It spoke to me because I felt the same as you when I saw gameplay reveals and I also don't have a big history with JRPGs. Your review made me feel.... safer. :P

Ditto! I preloaded it right after seeing this. Only other JRPG I've played really was FF XV, which I loved even if it was really divisive among fans. This looks great and RMC made me feel "safe" checking it out.

As long as the soundtrack is back to par with the first game. I might have been to power through XCX if it at least had a great soundtrack to listen to while playing.

Thu Nov 30 17 09:05am
Rating: 1

XCX had some great tracks tho like Notilum day theme and Sylvalum day/night theme. Since in the beginning of the game you tend to hear more of NLA day theme (which I personally like xD)and the "uh uh yeah" NLA night theme, those tracks tend to stick out more unfortunately.

XCX soundtrack was divisive. I absolutely loved it, but many would disagree. XCX brought on Hiroyuki Sawano, an anime composer, while XC2 brought back the original XC1 composers, minus Yoko Shimomura and plus more involvement from Yasunori Mitsuda (my favorite composer).

Thu Nov 30 17 09:07am
Rating: 1

I haven't been as excited as this game as I was for XC1 and XCX, but these reviews have been really positive that I am excited to play it now.

Let us know how you think it compares to those. This is my first entry in the series, so I'll coming at it fresh but if I like this one, I'll definitely go back and check them out.

Fri Dec 01 17 10:50am
Rating: 1

Unfortunately I won't be able to get this game until later this month. However, based on what I have seen from people who share my opinions of the series (Derrick of GameXplain who reviewed XCX and XC2, LPed XC1 and Chuggaconroy who LPed and 100% XC1, and played XCX), these games improve a lot of things from XC1 and XCX (like the combat and side quests). There are somethings that might be "worse" than the previous games, but the game is still great and worth your time. While they do not state if its their favorite story from the games, I believe they imply that while the story might not be as good as XC1, it still has amazing moments (tbf XC1 story is one of the best in any JRPG).

RMC, with all due respect (and please do correct me if I am wrong), I do believe that you have stated in the past (and I am paraphrasing here) that you just are not a fan of RPG's in general. Knowing this makes me question if you are the best candidate to review this game, or if perhaps NintenDan or another crew member may had been the better choice to review the game.

Did you watch the review? He talks about his familiarity with JRPGs. Give the man some credit.

I did, but I'm going off of what I've read/heard him say many times in the past (I've been following GoNintendo nearly since the beginning) which is that he generally is simply not a fan of RPGs.

Well the fact that he got into this one and recommends it should tell you that it's something special.

Glad to know the game they made in Japan is good! Looking forward to buying it after researching how hard a certain American branch butchered the dialogue and characters. The fun difference is that if they have destroyed it I can just buy it in Japanese for the first time in ages on a Nintendo platform.

As someone who isn't much of an RPG fanatic but are open to enjoying one if the right one came along, I highly recommend Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2 or 3DS. I'm not much of an RPG player either but something about that one really sucked me into the world and the battle system was simple enough for me to grasp. Trust me, you won't regret it.

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