Fan-Art: Custom "Super Nintendo Chalmers"

For those who aren't a billion years old and don't get the reference...

I am indeed a billion years old, so I got the reference right off the bat. Still makes me laugh everytime I see it.

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Man, this makes my day. Smile

"For those who aren't a billion years old and don't get the reference"

I think most Millennials and Gen Xers probably get the reference.

Gen Zers (or w/ever they are called) are the ones who have no idea what the Super Nintendo is or that the Simpsons was ever funny.

Is it official when did the Simpsons jump the shark? Or was it a gradual decline by the time Skinner's past was retconned.

Thu Nov 30 17 07:54pm
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I doubt it is official (I can never even keep straight which seasons were supposedly part of the 'Golden Age'), but I think most people agree that season 2 through season 10 are basically a completely different show from what it became after. Might have had something to do with all the talented writers migrating over to Futurama.

In terms of shark-jumping, Homer's Enemy in Season 8 was where they kinda dropped the idea of Homer being a lovable everyman for the first time and started going down the sitcom route of making him flat-out unsympathetic.

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