Splatoon 2 - next Splatfests for Japan, Europe revealed

Two more Splatfests are on the way to Splatoon 2, one in Japan and one in Europe. For Japan, the battle is for UNIQLO Warm Inner Wear vs Warm Outer wear. In Europe, we have a much more basic book versus film. Both Splatfests kick off Dec. 9th, 2017.

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Sat Dec 02 17 05:27am
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Toilet paper, warm vs cold breakfadt and now TV vs books? Do they want us to have a war here in yurop?

I don't read that much anymore, but I don't ever watch movies anymore. I'd say books still win. Now if it was ANY kind of passive watching vs ANY kind of reading, then that would be much harder. Like, for me the propoer question would be more series vs internet reading.

I think internet reading still wins though.


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