Falcom not sure their fan base would play their games on Switch

Coming from an MCV interview with Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo...

“Traditionally, Nihon Falcom’s always been a PC developer that doesn’t really create games for the casual market, but for the really hardcore gamers. Where is that market today? The answer to that is PS4.

The Switch is very successful right now, but there’s still no positive guarantee that the fan base that would play Falcom games are on the Switch yet. It’s always been very important to look and see where our users are, so while we thought it was more than likely that many of our fans actually owned a 3DS, one of the trends of PC users is that they prefer gadgets and machines with a higher spec, which is obviously something that Sony was offering. So after a really careful consideration of both sides, we decided it was more likely that the people who wanted to play the types of games we made would want to play them on a PlayStation platform.”

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Sun Dec 03 17 02:41pm
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There must be something between them and Sony, because true PC gamers who care about specs know that the power twins are the equivalent of a mediocre PC. PS4 is for people who care about specs but don't actually know anything about them, and Falcom has to know that, so when they talk Sony up instead of just staying silent I have to think there's a reason.

Sun Dec 03 17 02:30pm
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All the PC gamers I know stick to PC for big games and Nintendo for the exclusives. I guess it's different in Japan?

Sun Dec 03 17 02:41pm
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There must be something between them and Sony, because true PC gamers who care about specs know that the power twins are the equivalent of a mediocre PC. PS4 is for people who care about specs but don't actually know anything about them, and Falcom has to know that, so when they talk Sony up instead of just staying silent I have to think there's a reason.

This absolutely.
There's a reason we call them peasants.

Question: How do PC gamer’s stay up to date with the latest graphics and processing technology? Are they selling their graphics cards or varying components on the used market every ~6 months? Or what is the typical upgrade timeline for a dedicated PC gamer?

I think it depends on how much disposable income they have

I only upgrade my components when I have a new game that the current ones can't handle all too well annymore, or if one breaks down. But in both cases I will almost allways go with the more expensive options so that I'm set for at least a year again. Most time I do at least 2 years without having to change sth. But I'm not that hardcore in PC gaming so I can imagine that some upgrade more frequently.

Thought Falcom's main platform was psp and ps vita, with all the legend of heroes and ys. And it's not like they make games that require high spec. Their pc and ps4 titles are mostly ported from vita.

It's the same argument Bandai Namco makes in regards to the Tales series.

Falcom has not directly supported Nintendo outside Ys V on Super Famicom that never had a western release for our SNES. There were other devs/pubs that ported some of Falcom's titles on other platforms, but Falcom has never supported Nintendo from the start. They say they see no market outside PCs and Sony, but it's hard to see a market, WHEN YOU REFUSE TO BUILD ONE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

At least Namco Bandai tried on Nintendo by putting Tales on the map via Symphonia for GameCube, but then Sony "bought" them out and Nintendo never received any new games since Dawn of the New World since outside old ports. Tales of the Abyss 3D was the last thing Nintendo fans ever saw from the Tales series at least in the west (Japan had some exclusives until they were ported to Sony platforms later).

Sun Dec 03 17 06:11pm
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I believe that tales of games no longer coming to nintendo systems was because of hideo baba talking smack against the wii for its power back in the day (if you ask me, tales of xillia was entirely possible on the wii)... I'm glad he's gone

Sun Dec 03 17 02:58pm
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I gotta say, knowing the kind of games Falcom makes these comments seem insulated from the facts about Switch so far. It seems theyve not talked to anyone who’s actually put out a game on the system...I dunno

Maybe NIS can clue them in when enough if their traditional Vita-bound content continually brings a return

Sun Dec 03 17 03:04pm
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1: I know loads of PS only owners who actually got a Switch (so not PS only owners anymore).

2: There are people who are not that spec enthusiastic and would still like those games.

3: If you put games out on the Switch you could actually get new fans, and that combined with points 1 and 2 could mean OK sales.

The Vita is on its deathbed, and Sony says there are no plans for a successor. What are you gonna do when the Vita is retired, and all you have left is the Switch? Cater to smart device enthusiasts? Pretty certain that alone isn't gonna cut it.

Besides, Trails of Cold Steel is becoming as Popular as Persona and Tales in America, IIRC.

I just disagree on so many levels

I'm a mega Falcom fan and while I do feel their games fit better on PS4 than the Switch, their games fit on Switch much better than the Vita, since it's pretty much the same concept but better. While I understand why they'd keep games like Ys VIII and CSIII off switch I do at least hope they consider having multiplat Switch/PS4 releases, since they're one of the best developers in the industry right now

I wouldn't necessarily call them the best...I mean, there are tons of games that beg for localisation and ports like Popful Mail. But I agree that they are consistently good at what they do and atleast they unlike Atlus don't block youtubers or make some questionable decisions like SEGA does frequently.

All these Devs/publishers that STILL can't see the writing on the wall with respect to the Switch's success and viability can go and eat a big, juicy lemon. Those that have heard and answered the calling, let them come and reap the rewards.

Everyone else can just shut up or put their foot in their mouths. Whichever is easier to do.

This is the dumbest shit ever. If your game fits on a sony platform, it can fit on a nintendo platform. falcom game is so asian, that the appeal for their games are gamers who are into Asian RPGS or action Asian action RPGs. They have no chance in hell to sell to regular sonys western gaming market and they are more than likely to sell to switch owners more so than vita owners. This kind of thinking can surly be their downfall, especially when they are competing with a ton of other devs on the playstation platform.

Sun Dec 03 17 05:33pm
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Someone did a very good post on ResetERA that exposed the most probable reason behind this comment:
It's not just that they don't WANT to port it, it's more that they CAN'T. Their finances are just enough to do what they are doing right now, and in fact, they are working on less projects by themselves, and more and more they actually license their IPs to other devs so that these devs make the games while shouldering all the risks... So unless another company come forward saying they will pay everything and port the games, we won't see any of them.

But they don't say this, because it would mainly just be like saying "we are bad at business".
The very comprehensive post here:

Sun Dec 03 17 05:37pm
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Pretty much said exactly what I just said right before I did. Falcom isn't a company like Capcom that has no excuse to not have more games on the system at least by early 2019.

Haha yeah, just saw it. :P And I agree, unless we learn that Cacpcom is in the same situation... which, at this point, wouldn't surprise me. They seems to have some money trouble, and if MH:World doesn't sell as much as they want (they seem to want to expend, so I guess more than previous MH), they could be in big trouble. Eh. Oh well.

I hope that's not the reason and they're just taking the wait and see approach.
Because that sounds like a poorly managed company, and those only have one fate.

Their public finances point to that. The fact they stopped making Vita versions, so now they only have one SKU, and that it have been reported that their last games had lot of reuset assets between them... They probably ARE badly managed, but most of that seems to come from old and bad Japanese habits and misplaced pride. They are playing it way too conservatively.

"(...) but for the really hardcore gamers. Where is that market today? The answer to that is PS4."
The reason why the PS4 is a huge success is casuals. People who buy the system because it's popular, it's the new "hot" thing to get. A system was never a massive success because of "core" gamers. It has always been thanks to casual gamers. Was the case with Wii, the PS2, DS and yes, the PS4 as well. Although in Japan the PS4 is at 5,5 Mio so I guess that's not a huge success and it might be different in Japan?!

They make this sound like it's a new idea for them to put games on the PS4, when they've supported Sony consoles, including the vita & psp for years.

His statement comes off incredibly short sighted.

Another company that will have to eat their words when they lose that switch money

Ingeniously self-fullfilling. If you don't make any games for switch, exactly zero people will play it.

The Sony approach fits them better because they can sell the same game twice on there, first on portable and then on the home console. The Switch sounds horrible, you can only sell the one product ONCE! What sort of nonsense is this?? No way, we must not support this!

Falcom stopped making Vita version one or two games ago. They are actually diminishing their output and reusing assets as if there was no tomorrow. They most probably can't make a Switch port for a lack of budget.

They dunno what I’d do for Trails in the Sky Trilogy on Switch. They were PSP/Vita (and later PC) games, obviously the Switch userbase is more lucrative than those other handhelds.

Since when has Falcom been pushing spec limits? Their games are not played for technical quality, but every other reason. Gameplay, music, simple “video-games” stories, etc. Switch is a perfect fit for them. For the record, I’m over here Falcom!!! (waves hand holding Switch)

Currently Ys 8 looks good graphically and I can't wait to get it someday. But that's the only good looking game they have so far or atleast one of them.

Considering the PC version of Falcom games are hideously overpriced to match their retail console versions, yeah, Sony has their sleazy hands all over this company.

Just give it a year and the ports will likely start showing up from DotEmu.


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