Ace Attorney anime - English dub clip

Well what you do you think? How's this dub sound to you guys? I'm just happy we're getting to see the series officially released stateside!

Thanks to Golfdude for the heads up!

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What I loved from the sub was the choice Crunchy roll gave us, we could choose two version, original names and localized names. I went with originals, just to shake up things a bit (and I never even looked up what they were, so I thought it would be interesting). I doubt the dub will have the same convenience.
But yeah, doesn't sound that bad. I could watch this I think.

They shoulda shown what "Objection!" will sound like...

Tue Dec 05 17 07:23am
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its the same video crunchyroll has with the subs included, just with the dub added to it.. subs will be on the disc, and can be turned on/off , and the dub can also be toggeled from eng to jp

crunchyroll and funimation are in a partnership, so most anime you see on CR, will be dubbed by funimation and then released usually a little after a year after airing since they have to wait for the dvd releases in japan to exist first..

The uploader has not made this video available in your country
...But why? This is a trailer, isn't it? Not like it's an actual episode or something...

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