Donna Burke recording something for a Nintendo project

Donna Burke has provided voicework and music for all sorts of video games. She's been involved with the Metal Gear franchise, F-Zero, and many more. As you can see in the Tweet above, Ms. Burke is working on something with Nintendo once again. There's no details on what game she's providing content for, so let your minds run wild!

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Wed Dec 06 17 03:28pm
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Oh, for Iwata's sake, let it be F-Zero Switch! I miss this franchise like an old friend.

Wed Dec 06 17 03:30pm
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I would say something about F-zero being dead. But according to the internet only Metroid can be dead.

Well... the blow with one of its entries as well as a 7 year hiatus afterwards was kind of dire.

In regards to F-Zero the last console game was so good, I do wonder if it can be surpassed. Since after all these years I think it's the once most people regard as both the hardest and most intense racing game of all time.

Well for years they compared every Zelda to OoT till BotW came to be. It was the same type of feel for people. Which only leads me to think they can repeat such a success with one of their smaller IPs.

Guess, I'm in the phase of denial, then.

Btw, "y cant metroid crawl"?

There was mention of a voice actress doing work for Nintendo also who's only role in a Nintendo game was FZero. Coincidence?

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