Japan - Taking a deeper look at Resident Evil Revelations Collection sales

Earlier yesterday, we shared the first-week sales of the Resident Evil Revelations Collection in Japan. Wondering how it did compared to other versions? Here's the breakdown for first-week sales across various platforms.

[PS3] Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom) {2013.05.23} (¥4.990) - 114.877 / 190.994
[WIU] Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom) {2013.05.23} (¥4.753) - 8.179 / 26.233
[360] Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom) {2013.05.23} (¥4.753) - 6.099 / 9.077
[PS4] Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom) {2017.08.31} (¥2.990) - 9.601 / 21.197
[NSW] Resident Evil: Revelations Collection (Capcom) {2017.11.30} (¥4.990) - 5.892
[NSW] Resident Evil: Revelations (Capcom) {2017.11.30} (¥2.990) - 2.747 / NEW[/code]

When you combine the sales of Revelations and the Revelations Collection, total sales come close to that of the first week on PS4, and beat out sales of the first game on Wii U.

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also the game came out on ps4 while the system is already at 5million vs switch 2million.

add to that the release date, which is also different on every platform.
I wouldn't buy the collection as I already played Revelations, but I would buy the second game if I had the money.So I guess it pretty much happens the same way there, most of people have already played at least one of these games on previous systems so there's really no reason to buy them in a collection.

Either way looks good as this game has been released on multiple platforms.

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