Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Version 1.4.0 available

Version 1.4.0

Language support for Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean has now been implemented.
You can change languages in Settings on your console.

An issue has been resolved that prevented background music from playing after you reach the finish line.

When you download update data (Ver.1.4.0), you will no longer be able to engage in local play or LAN play with those still using Version 1.2.1 or earlier.

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Can we get an update that doesn’t automatically enable the auto steering? Every time I play multiplayer I forget to turn it off and it gives an unfair advantage.

Huh? Weird. It's not enabled automatically for me. I've been playing for a while now, and I think I maybe disabled for my very first race when the game came out, but have never had to disable it since

For player one it’s disabled after the first time you disable it. But for all the other players it automatically enables no matter what.

Oh, I see! ...Ahaha, maybe I should play with friends more often... ^^;

I'm still waiting for that never announced update that adds volume sliders so I can mute the sound effects and enjoy the soundtrack to the fullest.

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