Target says Super Mario Cereal sold out fast, no longer available in their stores

As you know, when it comes to social media accounts, sometimes the people behind them don't have access to the latest details. While the rep above says the cereal is gone, I wouldn't say that's 100% confirmed just yet. I know a lot of people haven't even seen the cereal in stores yet. Hopefully there's some kind of miscommunication here, and people will still have a chance to grab a box or two before the year closes out.

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I never even saw a facing for it at my Target or two Walmarts.
Of course, I really don't need a heavy sugar cereal -- but I would have bought if I had found.

Disgusting. Dont liked any cereals at all. I am an European. I wonder why American ate cereals in America ? Interesting. Hate cereals!

You say this as if Europeans don't eat cereals at all! But many Europeans do

It's just boring old marshmellow cereal that does absolutely nothing of importance with the amiibo. I swear, the craziness of some people. Stick to Fruity Pebbles instead, they're my go-to thing for morning breakfast.

I can agree that it's nothing to write home about, but as an amiibo collector and Nintendo fan, it's such a unique novelty worth at least one try.

As far as comparisons go, it's more like Lucky Charms with less sugar and a hint of ambiguous berry flavor.

What? This is crazy. I have looked at several stores and been unable to find it. I have never heard of a shortage of cereal like this, and never expected such a thing would happen. I really want a box of it just to have, but honestly it looks like it's not very good, and pretty lazy. I would have hoped it would be something that hasn't been released like 1000 times under different branding. You can just go get Lucky Charms and it's the same thing. If it was just going to be a clone of another cereal it should have been if an actual good cereal.

It's funny that seven comments in and no one has mentioned Nintendo intentionally releasing limited quantities of products just to increase scarcity. Well, I'm certainly not going to bring it up.

Did anyone really think it was going to be anything other than rebranded Lucky Charms? The box basically told us that much.

Honestly, I didn't even know it was IN stores yet.

Scalping cereal? What a time to be alive

Aw, damn. I had a trip to the US planned on Wednesday and I wanted to get some.


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