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Japan - Splatoon 2 surpasses Splatoon total sales, Switch officially surpasses PS2's first year sales thus far

by rawmeatcowboy
27 December 2017
GN Version 5.0

A couple updates on Nintendo-related sales in Japan. Both of which are pretty big news for the Big N!

First up, Splatoon 2 has officially outsold the original Splatoon in Japan. The original Splatoon managed to sell 1,532,079 units in its lifetime, and Splatoon 2 is currently sitting at 1,668,466 units sold. That's an insanely fast purchase rate for Switch consumers in Japan!

Second, we have official confirmation on the Switch surpassing the first-year sales of PS2 in Japan when looking at the same amount of time. From launch until this week, Switch has managed to sell 3,258,083 units. From PS2's March launch to the end of December in its first year, the platform moved 3,016,622 units. Now whether the Switch stays ahead of PS2 until the first full year on the market ends remains to be seen. The good news is, things are looking pretty great right now!

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