Natsume reconfirms Harvest Moon: Light of Hope for release on Switch early this year, both digital/physical

No official date yet, but hopefully we'll see this one in first quarter. Nice to have another Harvest Moon on the way to a Nintendo platform, and even better that a physical option will be there.


Does anyone else think this art style is in giant FarmVille-esque miss or is it just me

Yeah it looks like a bad Facebook game. Natsume lost pretty much all the old Harvest Moon folks so all they really have is the name now.

Tue Jan 02 18 02:33am
Rating: 1

Yeah. It looks like a mobile game.

it literally was a phone game but they put it on steam. some things in the game tell you to do motions like its on your phone... DONT BUY THIS GAME!

Wed Jan 03 18 07:41am
Rating: 1

Wow. It's worse than I thought. I'll just stick with Stardew Valley.

They really should stop with the whole "20 years of HM" thing when all they have now is the name rights and not the actual localized games (which are now called "Story of Seasons")

Looks like a quick cash grab. They probably saw Stardew Valley and want to ride its coat tails.

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