Nintendo's president hopes to come to agreement/make an announcement on a Super Mario Bros. movie soon

Remember the rumor of Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment teaming up for a Super Mario Bros. animated movie? Those details were never confirmed, but today Nintendo's president has at least given a little glimpse at what could happen in the future.

In an interview with Kyoto Shimbun, Nintendo's president Tatsumi Kimishima says he hopes to come to an agreement with a partner for a Super Mario Bros. movie. If that agreement happens, then an official announcement of the project could come soon. On top of all that, if everything proceeds smoothly, Kimishima says that the movie could be ready by 2020.

Now again, there are tidbits that have never been confirmed by Nintendo. The rumored inside info said that Nintendo would be deeply involved with the project, and they'd be teaming with Illumination Entertainment on an animated project. These details are still to be confirmed by anyone at Nintendo.

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Illumination is an excellent studio, they made more than just Minions, and Nintendo is gonna be insanely involved.
I have high expectations.

Miyamoto: Remember how well Disney/Pixar handled the animation of Bowser in Wreck it Ralph?
Kimishima: Yes, we should make our own CGI movie!
Miyamoto: Alright, I'll get in touch with the guys from Disney
Kimishima: Nah, they have pretty good storywriters there, and Mario has no story. Let's give this project to those Minions dudes.
Miyamoto: Really? Banana obsessed goombas?
Kimishima: If our fans loved the randomly screaming rabbids in Mario x Rabbids, they are sure to love this! Think of all the cheap merchandising opportunities! Muahahaha!

Tue Jan 09 18 08:52am
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I honestly hate this argument, even if it's a joke. Nearly every studio has some bad movies under their sleeve, and those aren't just "Minion guys" who can only produce crappy Internet memes. Besides, after all the horrible things that Mario's name was on in the 90s, I'd guess Ninty actually cares about the quality of that movie.

Tue Jan 09 18 09:47am
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I agree. Nintendo is one of the only companies that care a lot of their IPs even when majority of them are dormant.

Is it really such a terrible argument to call them the Minion guys?
Because they only made 8 movies and 4 of those are, in fact, minion movies.

The other four are Hop, Lorax (which actually was ok-ish), Secret life of pets and Sing. To me, they don't come close to the standard of quality of the Pixar movies... so it seems odd to me that Nintendo didn't use the contacts they already had there after Wreck-it-ralph (and the likely licensing of characters for Wreck-it-ralph 2).

I am honestly wondering why they would choose Illumination

Tue Jan 09 18 11:58am
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Just calling them the Minion guys is different from the argument you presented, though. Your argument heavily implied that they can't do anything but Minions and have to insert Minion humor into all movies they handle, which is what I think Vookatos responded to

You act as if Disney even wants to work with Nintendo on a MARIO adaptation.

I trust Illumination, they've done a decent job representing established works like The Lorax and Peanuts in the past, so I don't think there's any fear that they turn Mario into some abomination.

"If our fans loved the randomly screaming rabbids in Mario x Rabbids, they are sure to love this!"

Mario x Rabbids is awesome, tho.

Leads me to wonder if a deal is imminent and they are just crossing t’s and dotting i’s at this point.

Tue Jan 09 18 07:52am
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you want a mario movie, you do it right. There are a ton of studios in japan that can handle CGI, why illumination of all companies really?


Tue Jan 09 18 10:13am
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Illumination is owned by Universal. I would expect that the film rights to Mario were given to Universal alongside theme park rights. You can't go and complain about giving animation rights to Universal when they're also greatly benefiting Nintendo outside of the animation project.

then give it to dreamworks, not the current age filmation company.

Illumination is an excellent studio, they made more than just Minions, and Nintendo is gonna be insanely involved.
I have high expectations.

You're right... like Hop!!!! That was an exciting and memorable flick for children, right?!?

Tue Jan 09 18 10:57am
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It's unfortunate, because Illumination is probably the worst big animation studio out there. And no, I'm not just talking about "Despicable Me"/"Minions".

I think I Hate Everything summed up pretty well what's wrong with them in general about his video about "Sing"...

Could be pretty fun and help sell more Mario games and toys. No way Nintendo will allow a repeat of that bizarre Hoskins/Leguizamo debacle.

I think a lot of people here are going to be disappointed if the Illumination rumor is true. I haven't seen an Illumination movie in quite a while, but don't they cater to young kids? I'm sure families and kids will eat it up, but I expect considerable backlash from hardcore fans.

I honestly think they'd get backlash regardless of who they partner with.

That seems pretty accurate. I will say though, I feel like Kimishima is going to be a lot more aggressive in making sure whoever makes the movie does the IP justice, so I have hopes that it'll turn out well.

Tue Jan 09 18 03:10pm
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Is anyone here able to disconnect the technical aspect of a CGI movie from the writing?

The minion movies might be terrible movies, but the animation isn’t terrible.

Avatar was a terrible movie story-wise but from a technical perspective it was gorgeous and the people the worked on those areas are talented people.

And does anyone really think Disney would accept a deal that DOESNT give them majority control?

Illumination animation isn't terrible it's just cheap looking.

Pixar > Disney Animation > Dreamworks Animation > Blue Sky Studios > Illumination > Sony Animation.

Even if the rumor are true, Nintendo have precedents were they worked with cheap people that usually did meh jobs and getting great results by their implications and the sheer motivation to do good the IP bring. It doesn't matter who they work with, I'm pretty sure they'll do a good job.
There's still the question whether we will like it. They could try to target a very wide demographic (like Toy Story and Wreck It Ralph), or a younger one (Cars). Both would be ok considering the IP.
We can only hope (for ourselves) that it's the former. :3


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