EA very happy with FIFA 18's sales in France

While FIFA 18 might not have been the product most hardcore fans were looking for, it seems the game has found an audience over time. Reports from around hte world have detailed steady sales, and it's no different in France. The title has moved 73k units on Switch, with Nintendo of France's president sharing these other details.

- EA is very satisfied with FIFA's sales
- the game is expected to double its sales from here on out
- this game was meant to test the waters for Switch, and the test was a success
- new announcements are coming
- every 3rd party publisher that made a serious effort on Switch has been satisfied

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Thu Jan 11 18 07:54pm
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This post actually got me more hyped than the Direct. Everyone seems to be happy with their sales. Konami with Bomberman, Capcom with Street Fighter, Bandai Namco with Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Ubisoft with Mario and Rabbids, 2K with NBA, Rockstar with LA Noire (Switch made up 21% of its sales just 4% lower than the Xbox one) and now EA with Fifa. Thats not even mentioning all the indie success stories everywhere. I'm glad third parties are happy cause that only means more support in the future.

It get Home console hardware sales in the West, Handheld console hardware sales in Japan, and console game sales ratio worldwide. That's literally the best kind of selling power possible from each kind of consoles, all in one package. That's crazy. :P

Fri Jan 19 18 06:32am
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And on top of that, it seems to appeal better to all demographics than previous consoles

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