Nine Parchments - latest patch should see release on Jan. 18th, 2018, next patch already in the works

Multiple saves are now added

After the patch you can have up to ten games stored at the same time. So there is no need to overwrite your current run if you want to play with your friends for a while.

Other fixes
• Online game can be started alone, no need to wait for others to join in the lobby
• A lot of bug fixes to different kinds of issues of camera not moving and enemies not spawning or dying correctly
• Changes to the online matchmaking logic
• Fix to the ”The Hero of Trine” Amadeus not unlocking if Amadeus dead when the boss is defeated
• Other minor fixes

These are the fixes included in the first patch. We are working hard with the next patch already, for example the option to kick people from online games on its way. Remember to stay tuned for updates.

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Tags: eshop, switch


Awesome, I've been patiently waiting for this patch, it's annoying the have to restart from the beginning every time if I want to play with friends in person!
Besides that, I'm really enjoying this game. Smile

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