Kirby Star Allies' visuals get a boost (plus other new tidbits)

As you can see through the tweet and video above, it looks like Kirby Star Allies has received a considerable boost in the visuals department since we first saw it. We usually get to watch Nintendo's titles go through some visuals changes from reveal to nearing launch, and Kirby Star Allies is no different.

If you want a look at some other tidbits plucked from the Kirby Star Allies Nintendo Direct Mini footage, you can hit up the Twitter account above. Nothing too major, but still interesting tidbits nonetheless.

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I definitely noticed. The lighting effects were amazing. I was surprised Kirby could look this good in HD.

Sat Jan 13 18 08:23pm
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I've been a huuuuge fan of the art direction in recent Kirby games. The color choices, the little details, oof... it's all eye candy.

I've wanted a fully HD Kirby game since Return to Dream Land, and was disappointed that Rainbow Curse was the only Kirby game on Wii U...

This is all a dream come true. Bless HAL.

Not much of difference if you ask me. Still, polish is polish and it can only make the game look better to some.

I love how Nintendo has been on a role with polishing their games before release. It was noticeable with Mario Odyssey for the most part, (Mario's hair is less detailed than the original trailers, but still looks nice) and now Kirby looks better as well.

It's funny, because I thought the visuals looked fine at first, but now they look even better. I like seeing effort put into games visually. I hope it plays as well as it looks.

I really hope this game runs 60fps. None of the footage shown so far seems to, and that’s concerning. I would consider it a major step backwards from the 3DS Kirby games, as well as recent Nintendo 2D platformers in general if it doesn’t.

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