Game Freak interested in utilizing more AR, voice recognition, and other advanced tech

What does the future hold for Game Freak? According to Junichi Masuda, the company wants to look into ways to help combine the real world with the virtual world. To achieve this, they plan to pay close attention to the direction of advanced technology like AR, AI, voice recognition, and more. No specific details were given on how this initiative ties into future games.

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If only the Switch had a camera they could use it for Pokemon Switch.

How about 4K and VR?

Nintendo had already said that they don't have plans for VR right now and for 4K that is a good dream that won't be realized this gen.

I like how in another thread I said Pokémon = Nintendo and someone said NO, Pokémon ≠ Nintendo, so I said "to most people Pokémon = Nintendo" and here you are saying Pokémon = Nintendo. :}

I feel totally validated.

How about 8K and Nueral Implants?

Did you bring up neural implants because I said that in another thread or is it just an amazing coincidence? :D

LOL genuinely a coincidence Smile

I hope they keep these to the mobile games.

GameFreak only does the main games so they are talking about the main ones. Its probably just going to be used for side stuff like an expanded Pokemon Refresh for example. They will not change the core gameplay unless they do not want to do the Pokemon VGC competitions anymore.

Not a fan of AR or voice recognition stuff, but I hope Game Freak comes up with something cool.

Because AR has gone so well for Pokémon Go?

Sat Jan 20 18 11:42am
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You say this as if Pokémon GO isn't massively popular. And it's in good part due to its AR capabilities. (AR isn't just the thing where you overlay an image on camera footage. It's about anything where the real world is incorporated into the game world, like how you need to walk around in the real world to find Pokémon, need to flip Pokéstops, and how the weather affects Pokémon spawn rates)

The logo is new to me so I first thought Game Freak's a sellout too huh. Why isn't anyone bringing up the creepiness that is all these companies purposely using/sharing 6's in their logos?

...That's a G, not a 6. You can maybe say it looks like a 6, but you said it is purposely a 6, which it's not

Oh ok, thanks. Though it doesn't explain other companies that use them purposely.

Do you have examples?

I think Ubisoft, Google and Taco Bell use some kind of 6 variation. Then there's the Eye of Osiris that Pepsi switched to.

Ok realistically speaking, I don't think Game Freak is that good developing tech yet.

First off, their recent 3D Pokemon games have bad graphics where they tend to have slowdown even without 3-D effect and that the textures are just bland.

Secondly, I thought Pokemon Go was already enough to experiment AR based games for them. Also, AR gaming isn't that great and not everyone is into it. Heck even Nintendo themselves stopped supporting that AR based games on the 3DS. Go figure...

And AI? Ok, what games has Game Freak done that incorporates AI? The main games? Not sure about that when there's only like four moves to choose from...

The only thing I can see them work on is voice recognition because they did have some experience with that.

That may be a simple AI, but it's one nonetheless. Also, the other trainers will never use completely ineffective moves against you (unless you trick them to do so, but if you can trick them, it means there's some AI there).


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