RUMOR - New 2D Metroid game in development for unspecified platform

Now here's a really juicy rumor for everyone. Resetera user Mocolostrocolos is claiming that a brand-new 2D Metroid is in development. Apparently the project is early on, but Mocolostrocolos isn't willing to say what studio is involved. No mention of platform is made.

Now why bother listening to rumors from some random forum user? Resetera recently put together a post to chronicle rumors from various users. It turns out Mocolostrocolos has been spot-on with his teases on the forum in the past, but people never put any merit into what he said. Mocolostrocolos leaked 100% accurate details about Metroid: Samus Return before the game was ever mentioned by Nintendo. Multiple posts about the game existing, being for 3DS, having a long development, and being handled by a company outside of Nintendo.

Is Mocolostrocolos spot on with his latest rumor as well? He's clearly got some inside sources, and has nailed Metroid info before. Let's hope he's right about this one!

Thanks to ReyVGM for the heads up!

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Mon Jan 15 18 10:20pm
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don't be a phone game don't be a phone game don't be a phone game

Metroid Is Dead

Metroid Is Dead


Mon Jan 15 18 10:31pm
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Because Samus Returns didn't just come out and Prime 4 won't be out soon >>

Funny thing is we still have no clue on how much Samus Returns sold..no sale figures, no top charts...nothing.

I know sales aren't suppose to judge the quality of the game but they are judged to determine if we can get the IP milked.

Metroid Prim 5 wasn't announced recently.

Metroid is dead.

He’s a troll who continues to say this as part of his schtick.

Except he used to be a mod and would infract and even ban people if they didn't think Metroid: Other M was the worst thing to ever happen to video games. It's almost been 8 years, a critically acclaimed Metroid game just came out, and he STILL won't let it go...

Yup - gotta be the saltiest salt that ever salted over a game......a game.....

Lies and Slander. I encouraged everyone to talk about Other M, because the conversation always went the same way, with or without my involvement.

and Samus Returns is mediocre at best. No creativity whatsoever.

It was mediocre and sold terribly

Mon Jan 15 18 11:26pm
Rating: 2

I though you were saying "metroid dread"

Mon Jan 15 18 09:59pm
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Sweet nectar, I hope this is true. Then a remake of the Prime trilogy for Switch right before the new 3D Metroid.

Tue Jan 16 18 12:27am
(Updated 1 time)

As much as I love the Prime games (1 is imo one of the best games ever made, 2 is a fantastic game that has only grown on me over the years, and I liked 3 very much too), I don't want them remade.

Release them on VC. But don't remake.

That's a weird request...I at least want them in HD now.

For a franchise that is supposedly dead we sure are getting a lot of games for it lately...

Hopefully it’s better than Samus Returns.

The only memorable thing about that game was the forced-fed backtracking and annoying controls.

Didn't like the controls? Thought it felt great, though maybe some of the weapon switching was clumsy. I attribute most of the design flaws to it being a Metroid II remake. I think they could definitely make big improvements there... also enemy variety is a big complaint

Mon Jan 15 18 11:11pm
(Updated 1 time)

I thought the controls were great, but the game overall was only okay. As Hinph said, I think its biggest flaws stemmed from it being a remake of Metroid II. The whole hunting down the same Metroids thing got old fast. Yeah there were a couple with slight variations, but most didn't have any significant changes. But the big Metroid bosses they had in the game were really neat.

You don't even mention about the lore stuff and hints to the next game that the game brings. This just reads like a bad troll post.

Please stop using ResetEra as a source, RMC. It was cringy back when it was NeoGAF, it's even cringier now.

Mon Jan 15 18 10:34pm
Rating: 2

I agree. Resetera is all the kookiest people that used to be on NeoGAF, quarantined into one petri dish.

I dislike the place when it puts politics into everything, but you cannot deny that many people from different parts of the game industry go to that site (for better or worse). There are obvious people that are in the know in that site and many video game outlets get there news from there. Due to how large the community, video games news gets posted there pretty fast.

I refuse to believe that any sane member of the gaming industry actually goes to said site. Neogaf was garbage, Resetera is the worst of the worst of gaf, in a supersaturated state.

Well I‘m a regular member of the page and insulting the whole community isn‘t the right way to express dissatisfaction with a concept/website. ResetEra is actually less toxic than the Go Nintendo community. While I have to agree that I couldn‘t care less for their political standpoints. I don‘t see a big difference between GAF and ERA but both pages do have a lot member coming from the industry. While it is always possible that there will be coming false rumors, many things turned out to be true in the past. Emily Rogers always sounds fishy but let‘s wait if there is something behind the latest gossip.

Tue Jan 16 18 09:43am
(Updated 1 time)

Uh most members of the gaming industry do go to that site (whether they have an account or not). The difference is that they don't participate in political discussions regarding games unlike some of the notorious users of that site. Or are you calling people like RMC insane Sad ?

I don't know much about RMC...but what exactly does he do? Like if it's just running Gonintendo then I don't consider him part of the gaming industry, I consider him part of the gaming media.

Hmm thats true using that definition . Well in terms of the industry (as in devs and companies), many indie devs go to the place, since the community is pretty big( although they were cruel sometimes like the Rime dev who was crying based on their comments...). More AAA companies like EA, Sony Ubisoft, Nintendo etc have been known to monitor that place as well. More recently the whole Nintendo Direct thing where Nintendo used the flaming chibi-robo was teasing ResetEra since they been going crazy as to when Nintendo will announce the direct. I believe someone on the forum said that Nintendo should retweet some tweet that had Talkatoo (from Mario Odyssey) if they were listening to them and if a direct was coming. Nintendo did just that. They also have some insiders whose rumors end up being true (most of the time at least..)

Anyways whether we like it or not, that forum is the biggest in terms of the gaming community so different parts of the industry keep an eye on it.

Tue Jan 16 18 09:29pm
(Updated 1 time)

Nintendo tweeted the Chibi Robo pic to troll everyone not Resetera, also I'm gonna need evidence that someone said Nintendo should tweet a picture of Talkatoo, and even then I'm gonna regard it as a coincidence.

Seriously, no one at Nintendo should be a member of a site that has clear and blatant disdain twoards said company for not bending to their every whim.

I mean just look at threads that revolve around Nintendo lacking "diverse" characters, or threads about changing Nintendo characters, like Link. There's a blatant a clear bias that's site-wide, and standing against said bias puts you in the path to be banned...for daring to not agree with majority opinion.

Someone on the Nintendo Switch subreddit posted this image showing someone on ResetEra asking for a retweet of the Talkatoo tweet: https://imgur.com/a/DAWGc
It might be a coincidence, but its odd they would retweet that when it was only 4 days old.

Aside from that, they have mentioned NeoGaf before in the E3 2016 TreeHouse: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FkrhQiB6sbA&t=744s

I don't think anyone from Nintendo is a member of that site. They just monitor it like most other companies because it is a big gaming community. I'm pretty sure they ignore any political comments and just look at the feedback from their games.

Mon Jan 15 18 10:16pm
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True or not...I just hope it's for the Switch and not some attempt to keep the 3DS alive.

Mon Jan 15 18 10:20pm
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don't be a phone game don't be a phone game don't be a phone game

So... Super Metroid Run?

Mon Jan 15 18 10:54pm
Rating: 3


Nah! Super Metroid Pew Pew. Can be played with one hand!

Mon Jan 15 18 10:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

How is that a bad thing? If at all it becomes a phone game, its only going to help make Nintendo extra buck so that Nintendo can actually give a damn about making more Metroid games.

EDIT: For the record, this is a good thing nonetheless because it is showing that Nintendo actually values the IP itself.

Hmmm interesting reading. What if they made a rail shooter telling the franchise history, like RE Chronicles? Maybe then we'll have a complete retcon to be up to speed for the next (hopefully) original entries.

Or maybe make a pinball game having that same function.

"What if they made a rail shooter telling the franchise history, like RE Chronicles?"

It would be kind of hard to do a lightgun style rail shooter in 2D. You could maybe do a cabal style one like Wild Guns or parts of OG Contra, but even that would be more 2.5D.

(Either way, it would sell a grand total of 11 copies.)

"Maybe then we'll have a complete retcon to be up to speed for the next (hopefully) original entries."

I thought that was the point of the gallery in Returns.

Mon Jan 15 18 10:53pm
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So this is what Retro are working on, while some other dev got MEtroid Prime 4. MAkes perfect sense! =)

Hopefully its whatever followup was teased in the Chozo Memories of Metroid Samus Return.

I'll gladly take this on Switch over Prime 4. Get motion sickness from FPS.

It's too soon for a new 2D Metroid. If anything, it's a Switch port of Samus Returns. Still, I'm going to go with the ol' "false rumor" claim.

Guessing if true, that this will be a Switch [or Mobile] release for next year. Have a feeling MP4 is further along than they let on, so could be a Fall '18 title.

Tue Jan 16 18 01:25am
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I hope it's an original Metroid game from MercurySteam. They did a great job with Samus Returns.

Nintendo is also making a 2D or 3D Mario title. No platform or release date is known. 🙄

Tue Jan 16 18 03:31am
(Updated 2 times)

Meh. Don't take the Neo-NeoGAF pill, people.

It's baffling how that community is still trying to keep themselves afloat, despite the cr@ppy people moderating the former site...

I want an original game to be announced but I also want Nintendo/MercurySteam to just shadow drop Samus Returns on to the Switch eShop to help build hype.

Can we first get Samus Returns on the Switch, see it sell like crazy and get this over with ?

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