Japan - FIFA 18 on Switch outsells PS4 version

We hinted at this happening a week back, and now we have the official data. The Switch version of FIFA 18 has manged to outsell the PS4 version. As of right Jan. 7th, the Switch version has moved 89,329 copies, while the PS4 version has sold 77,892 copies. If EA was looking for proof that Switch owners are going to buy their sports offerings, there's your proof right there.

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Tue Jan 16 18 07:54am
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127 million people who are into soccer (apparently) and only 89.000 sales for the foreign game. NIS lesser known RPGs sell more than this one. Any numbers for pro evo? Because this may only mean that japanese people WILL shop domestic if they got the chance.

also there is the pay to win mictotansaction bullshit with the cards that are not cards so...maybe they realized what a bunch of crap this system is.

ah yes there it is


VG Fartz imaginary numbers... you could quote the next duck in the pond... same credibility!

Tue Jan 16 18 05:30pm
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and do you have any proof for VGC inaccuracies? OF COURSE they do not count every single game, they sample like EVERYONE does so the question is simple. Is there documented something that proves them as inaccurate or is it just the "oh this must be wrong" kind of sentiment?

Tue Jan 16 18 07:15pm
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Just go to the home page, look at the Switch sales: 9.8M, when Nintendo themselves stated that @ the end of November they had sold 10M Switch & here we are 1&1/2 month later during which period sold almost 1M Switch alone in Japan & they have 9.8 on their front page!!! Right know Switch must be around 13M, trust me my figure must be way more accurate than VG Fartz...
Look at the Japanese sales of Fifa 18: http://www.vgchartz.com/game/180527/fifa-18/?region=All ,on VG Fartz & the MC & Famitsu charts for the same game: https://www.resetera.com/threads/media-create-sales-week-1-2018-jan-01-jan-07.15580/ They can't even bring themselves to copy/paste the data...
Are you convinced yet??? All their data is bogus, anyone a tiny bit inside video gaming knows that!!!
If you don't want your credibility being ruined, don't be seen quoting VG Fartz on the internet... ;)

I'm being quoted? Sweet!

Who would not want to quote you with that cute avatar of yours???

Tue Jan 16 18 09:03pm
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Winning 11 (aka PES) 2018 sold about 130K according to Famitsu. Here's a great source for Famitsu numbers: https://sites.google.com/site/gamedatalibrary/game-search. Those games sales keep declining, whereas FIFA has been overall picking up. Also, in more mature terms, don't trust vgchartz. They largely just guess and then update their numbers after the fact to match other trackers (Media Create, NPD, etc.). I've seen this happen where they're something like 200% off at times.

Wed Jan 17 18 03:10am
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and as for the switch...I am VERY cautious on its total sales for many many reasons. Nintendo always posted sell to customers numbers and they changed that to sony's ship to stores. I do not believe it's more than 10M sorry.



Let's be clear. I think the concept behind VGChartz is a wonderful one - freely available data to let everyone see how well games are selling. And it's absolutely true that all data is an estimate - not even major services such as Media Create and NPD get it exactly right.

as long as their estimation methods are clear (and it's the only FREE resource we got) I am ok with it.

" trust me my figure must be way more accurate than VG Fartz... "

that is an argument how?


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