Dark Souls: Remastered will not support cross-platform play

There's been some talk about Dark Souls: Remastered including cross-platform play. Unfortunately that's not going to be the case, as Bandai Namco stepped in to squash the discussion. Any online interactions the game offers will be relegated to the platform you're playing on.

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And so the question is: what system will have the most invasions?

i mean the switch version is locked at 30fps while the others are 60fps. no reason for the switch to cross play with the other guys when its 30fps.

The gameplay logic itself can still be at 60fps but the framerate at 30.
There are quite a few games that do that.

Not true. The best example is pc gaming, where a player has a potato running the game at 20fps and other with a monster rig playing at 100fps and they can still play the same game online.

those players at 20fps can compete with the 60fps and higher players, but they wont perform well. you play better as long as your framerate is higher, for better reaction time.

Wed Jan 17 18 11:05am
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Another example here is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The regular 3DS runs at 30 fps while the new 3DS runs at 50-60 fps.

How does online work in the first Dark Souls ?

So far I've played the FROM games offline.

You put your sign down for someone to summon you into their game OR you can summon someone into your game by interacting with their sign.

Ok thanks.
So it's not actually invasive. I mean you completely control when it starts or when it stops. Shouldn't be a problem on the Switch then.

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