Nintendo revealing a Switch experience later today for "kids and kids at heart" (5 PM EST)

Looks like those rumors of something coming were indeed spot-on! We'll find out what this Switch experience is later today. Certainly sounds like it's going to be an interesting idea.

Thanks to HMPD for the heads up!

UPDATE - Aya Kayagoku, dev on multiple Animal Crossing games, has retweeted this announcement.

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Wed Jan 17 18 07:01am
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Do you feel threatened in your manhood?

I am expecting something pretty cool and unique that will get a LOT of hate from the 'hardcore' groups because they cannot accept 'casuals' playing with their cool consoles.

Sorry for the negativity, I just fear I will have to read sooo much hate on Nintendo no matter what they announce in this since it has 'kids' in it'. As if Nintendo will suddenly cancell Metroid Prime 4 and make Switch Sports Fit Party in it's place.

Anyways, hyped to see this new thing, I hope it'll be something I will wanna use. ^^

While the game could potentially end up being something that does not appeal to core gamers, the issue is the entitlement as you say.
It's outright infuriating to see the tantrums some people throw because they didn't get what they want, and it ultimately makes them no different than the "kids" they so much deride.

Yeah, pretty much. The 'hardcore' groups, or at least a huge chunk of the vocal ones, tends to, ironically, act extremely childish once things means mostly for younger players (or casuals) are announced. Having some 'casual' titles that could potentionally be for Switch what Wii-Fit and such was for Wii (a huge deal) is only good for the console, and that will cause a LOT more sales which will cause third parties to be more interested and will let Nintendo more comfortably focus on so many more things around this. If the Switch is doing amazingly thanks to this new whatever-it-is, combined with them only having one platform to make games for, I can totally see them making games for most of their franchises like F-Zero and so forth.

Nintendo is in a great position, and if people hype themselves up for something that is meant for younger kids to be able to enjoy and 'kids at heart' may also enjoy (like many of Nintendo's games, actually), and it ends up not being something that these specific people want, and they start to get mad at Nintendo for not making only teh hardcore games, then, yeah, I don't know what to say. People can be disappointed and to each his own and all that, but having a more Casual title that gives brand new experiences won't kill off Metroid and such.

Of course, it is hard to say specifically what all this is about before we even know what we are waiting for. I am hyped even if I feel there is a chance it won't be something I am that into, but eh, I know the games I want are coming.

Nintendo's Italian Facebook post says "for Kids and Adults" ,so the question is : is it only for kids. Or both? I think it's a new switch design like the 2ds was for the 3ds . Like a Switch with a shell. Maybe I'm wrong :-p

That doesn't sounds like an interactive experience. Might be some sort of software...

Nintendo's Italian Facebook post says "for Kids and Adults"

Adults are “kids at heart.”

I sure know I am ;)


I can’t even venture a guess as to what this might be. So bizarre. Guess we’ll all find out shortly.

Wed Jan 17 18 08:22am
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A crossover between Studio Ghibli and Nintendo. Spirited Away: The Minigame Collection.

Oh gaaaaawd I would get that first second of release.

I want to know if America is getting it too?

My first guess was Animal Crossing, so I hope I'm right.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival DX

That's immediately what I thought when I saw that the animal crossing producer re tweeted it. Nintendo's gotta port all of the Wii U games right? lol But seriously I really think it's gonna be a StarLink presentation/trailer with like Nintendo add on content like an Arwing, Wolfen, or Samus Gunship especially since that Ubisoft rep said it would light the internet on fire...

Why would kids in UK look at a Nintendo ”Direct” at 10pm?

Don't worry, the informatio will still be there when they wake up in that specific area. ^^ Plus, this is not suppose to be a Direct, rather, a short video to be posted at that specific time.

Because the Earth is round and it's daytime in another place, and the vid is being posted at the same time everywhere.

Hmm..... Gonna say this is likely the next step for Amiibo. A game that largely requires them. Might be free, and all the cost is in the figures.

My guess would be a free-to-start interactive doll house (in the style of The Sims, but not so complicated) that's populated by characters that you get by scanning Amiibo.

Animal Crossing for kids. Not the next entry in the series, but something to capitalize (hopefully) on the success of the mobile game.

Bet this is one of the new IPs they said '18 would have.

It really could be anything, so am intrigued as to what it is [and not so the 'Hardcore' gamer backlash at it being exactly what it was clearly stated not to be afterwards]!

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