Dark Souls: Remastered will not change level designs

This blurb comes from one of Nintendo's Japanese hub pages for Dark Souls: Remastered...

In this remastered version, the original’s “make your hands sweat” level design is left unchanged, but some changes come bundled in. Enhancements to online multiplayer and graphics optimizations allow Nintendo Switch players to comfortably enjoy this pillar of Action-RPGs.

Some people were hoping parts of levels would be redesigned or tweaked, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Just to be clear, this applies to all versions of the game, not just the Switch version.

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Good for them. While this plague of rereleasing games will apparently never end, the least they can do is not screw with them.

Imagine if one of your favourite bands "remastered" an album and changed the lyrics to the songs. You'd probably be pissed.

For instance, a lot of people rather liked the way the original SNES localisation of Chrono Trigger handled Frog's speech pattern. That's apparently gone in other versions.

Some people were hoping that the original designers of the game would tweak parts of it that were bad, but this remaster being done outside of From Software means that there's no such possibility. So yeah, best to leave it as it is.

I wouldn't say there would be no possibility just because FROM wasn't doing it. Rodea: The Sky Soldier got a whole new control scheme when going from Wii to Wii U.

I find this disappointing. Still not sure what makes this a remaster. Just sounds like a straight-up port to me.

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