Robot Chicken skit mashes together Smash Bros. and The Hunger Games

Pretty clear that the Robot Chicken creative team has some big Smash Bros. fans on board. This isn't the first time they've paid tribute to Nintendo games, but this is definitely one of the best! Thanks to Mr. Raccoon for the heads up!

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Hahaa, that was awesome!! Loved the technical lingo like L cancelling etc. Even going to N64 Hyruke Castle. You can tell the artists/writers both love and play smash.

"The video is blocked in your country"

Oh no. Not that stupid thing again…

Wed Jan 17 18 07:24pm
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best get the tunnel bear app bro.

Or use the opera browser with its built-in vpn.

The Amount of animal crossing amiibo in that video and the World Of Nintendo Tom Nook figure

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