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I believe Nintendo said it was for kids and people who were kids at heart. However, you guys can still make a video I won't look at. :}

Yeah, the only could be that at a certain age, you are very sensitive to appear "grown-up" and stay far away from anything that could appeal to children. So Nintendo could potentially lose a few 13-17 yo:s with doing this.

Then these can't play Xbox One or PS4 either. There are actual children's games available for those platforms.

Well, not much. I have friends with PS4 who have no idea what good games to buy for their kids (apart from a good platformer or two and some Lego games). Anyway, you can't expect them to be rational about their choices, to them it's all about how the system is perceived in the eyes of others. In the end, I don't think this will be a big backlash for Nintendo and I'm sure they have already calculated with this.

Thu Jan 18 18 06:57am
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I'm 35. I love building things. I love creating things using my hands. I build lego for fun. I love to put puzzles together. I have no interest in VR. I must be doing this adult thing wrong because the first thing I thought of when I saw this was, "this looks fun to build and fun to play." I really can't wait to build these things.

We'll have to start our own anonymous club for 'Adults Who Like to Play with "Children's Toys"' and hold meetings. AWLPCT's Anonymous for short.
"Hi, I'm DonutMuffin. And I like Nintendo and Lego and Lincoln Logs and playing with cardboard."

Thu Jan 18 18 10:22am
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I play music. I'm a huge music lover, I even bought Wii Music just because it looked kind of interesting. I have to say the piano thing looks like something I really want to play around with.

While I agree it's mainly aimed at kids and parents who want to find something Switch related for their kids to play with, I also definitely think a lot of adults out there will see the appeal of this. I can see some of my friends trying out the giant robot thing for silly fun and some others who are more creative just impulse buy this because it scratches that itch and they will want to color it / customize it anyway they like. And that's just an example. Some creative people are going to come up with insane stuff with this.

Of course when I say that, I mean actual adults, not pre-teens/teens/adults who missed one step in their evolution and still can't get over the fact that, yes, they like legos deep inside. But that's okay, there's GTA for these people.

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