Nintendo won't be providing Nintendo Labo cardboard replacements for free

Yesterday, a feature on IGN France stated that Nintendo would be offering up Nintendo Labo cardboard replacements for free. It seems that IGN got their wires crossed, as Nintendo has since said that won't be the case. In another feature, we did hear that Nintendo is considering offering up replacement parts at cost. In other words, if you accidentally damage one of your Toy-Cons, you might be able to purchase just the cardboard parts from Nintendo at a cheaper price.

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Thu Jan 18 18 03:41pm
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Can the "$70 cardboard" meme just die already?
Either too many people are oblivious or willing to ignore that there's a software cartridge involved with all of this.
Granted I do think the price is still very high, but they're not literally selling you a bunch of cardboard for $70.

I hope these replacements are sold in stores and Nintendo doesn't require people to contact them just to send replacements.

Thu Jan 18 18 03:27pm
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I don't get the praise behind this product. I would never in a million years buy my kids $80 worth of cardboard cutouts regardless of their function. With how easily it would be destroyed by younger siblings, etc. it just makes no sense. If the price point was significantly lower I maybe could understand why this would be appealing.

Thu Jan 18 18 03:41pm
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Can the "$70 cardboard" meme just die already?
Either too many people are oblivious or willing to ignore that there's a software cartridge involved with all of this.
Granted I do think the price is still very high, but they're not literally selling you a bunch of cardboard for $70.

People are too stupid to realize you're buying software, with $1 worth of cardboard at most included with it.

Thu Jan 18 18 05:07pm
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Calm down, if you don't like my opinion then don't reply to me. Any software I've seen wouldn't warrant the price they are asking for. This is aimed at kids and the thing will be destroyed so I don't see the point of spending that much on it.

Oh you can like/dislike it just fine, that's not the point.
The point is that "$80 worth of cardboard" is factually incorrect no matter how you look at it.

Ok it's not $80 worth of cardboard. It's a $75 game with $5 worth of cardboard. Sounds like a deal to me.

Was the smugness really necessary?

Wasn’t my intent. You’re taking the conversation much too seriously. I find Nintendo selling high priced cardboard funny & paying $70-80 crazy, that’s all.

I'm kinda used to that by now after years of dealing with all sorts of conversations online.
I do agree the price is insanely high and I hope they lower it, but I don't get why some people legit think it's only cardboard and I have to admit it irks me a bit to hear that.

Why does the software suddenly become free in the minds of people who insist on calling this "$80 worth of cardboard?"

Thu Jan 18 18 04:02pm
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Either people are legit oblivious to the fact that there's software involved or they just hate it and can't find a valid reason to shit on it, so they overexaggerate to make it look bad. I've seen both instances talking to others.

Funny we both posted a reply on the same theme simultaneously. I agree. The silver lining is that the overwhelming response has been positive. Only a few people are being negative, and for the most part they are doing it reflexively. As the Amazon sales charts show, this is going to be a hit, so they'll just have to get used to it. It's definitely different, but most people seem to be embracing that uniqueness rather than recoiling against it.

Thu Jan 18 18 05:11pm
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Ok, so let's call it "$40 for the game / $40 for cardboard" still way overpriced. I'm just saying I find it crazy people would pay that much. For all those that love the idea great, enjoy it or buy for the kiddos.

I would say more like: 60$ software / 8$ IR reflective strips / 2$ cardboard ?
Even then, you could probably chop off 10 buck from software and give it to the IR strips, these things cost an arm an a leg. >_>

Was it ever stated that replacements would be provided for free? I thought they said that Nintendo would provide the patterns for free, so you could make your own Labo peripherals out of regular cardboard (though that seems to have been false).

IGN initially reported it, but then edited it out of a story.

That's cool no? Let's say every replacement cardboard (+ other stuff), for one model, is 10€$. That's perfect. I'm planning to get the "Variety Kit" for myself on launch, but I also wanna bring it home next christmas and give my little niece a chance to build some of the models from scratch.

I have several kids who would want to decorate their own versions of the cardboard parts, so I'll be happy if the price point for backup cardboard is nice and low. I don't want to have to buy several copies of the software.

or you know tape and cardboard to repair the thing,

Thu Jan 18 18 07:04pm
(Updated 1 time)

I know I will just be copying the originals onto cardboard I already have so each of my children can make their own custom sets at 'no additional charge'.

You may have some troubles with the more technical ones, as they supposedly have IR reflective strips, which cost surprisingly a lot of money. But yeah, nothing stops you from using your own cardboards, and even your own designs. I wonder what people will do to make the "RC cars" works differently. :P

You're right, Elfteiroh, the reflective strips could be a challenge. But I am very excited to experiment.

I can’t image those strips are anything “high tech”.
Some tinfoil should do the trick Smile

Eh, I can't wait to see what everyone will come up with. ^_^

I honestly didn't picture Nintendo giving free replacements for cardboard. Why oh why would anyone give something for free if that is what is in demand in the first place?

Yeah. I am actually already surprised Nintendo (supposedly?) is going to give out the patterns for free. That people expected Nintendo to give the actual cardboard for free is ridiculous

I guess they figure within 24 hours of release the designs will end up being scanned and put online anyways. (Cardboard piracy lol?)

Might as well provide the designs themselves.

Very true. It's a smart thing from Nintendo, since it buys them a lot of goodwill and people would've gotten their hands on the designs anyway, like you said. I'm still surprised, though! This is Nintendo we're talking about... They're a creative bunch, but they haven't always made the best market decisions

but they haven't always made the best market decisions

Besides Wii U and early 3DS's life, when have they done odd marketing decisions? Because if you ask me, the Switch marketing is their best effort they have done marketing for a long time.

A lot of their decisions around the internet (multiplayer, friend codes, etc.) is what comes to mind immediately.

It's also kinda weird you're asking for examples, but you're barring two perfectly fine examples for me to use =P

That's because aside from those two examples, I can't think of anything else last I recall.

But doesn't Multiplayer, friend codes or whatever more of game design decision instead of a marketing decision?

Well, they did market research and determined that the market doesn't have a need for most online capabilities (up until the Switch). And the online infrastructure on the Wii and Wii U were abysmal, which is something they'd have to decide beforehand based again on market research. That isn't part of gameplay.

But eh, it's starting to go toward semantics now. What I mean is that, while Nintendo is a great, creative and innovative company, they are definitely not without faults, and they make plenty of questionable decisions, either in marketing, concept, design, etc. and I wouldn't have put it past them to either not make the cardboard templates available at all, charge money for it, or maybe not even offer replacement cardboard

Oh I agree that no company is perfect. But its just that...to me atleast, Nintendo seems to be one of those companies that know how games are made..you know, like as in..fun? And not some greedy corp that slaps microtransactions and other DLC that often?

Idk, I guess I'm too sentimental or something because I trust Nintendo a lot because yeah, they have flaws but those flaws personally don't bother me that much.

Sun Jan 21 18 07:59am
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Hm, maybe you're misreading the tone of my posts here. I'm a huge Nintendo fan! (Heck, someone recently brought it to my attention I'm the most active person on GoNintendo based on post count, and I wouldn't stick around here so much if I didn't love Nintendo to pieces.)

Their faults are often forgivable to me, and their philosophy is something I agree with to the core: It's about having fun. They just have that Nintendo Magic

It’ll be interesting how much they will charge for replacement kits and also how much the software will be on the eShop (if it even will be released on the eShop)

I am on the side of €70 / €80 being over priced.
€60 for either kit would have felt better.

€80 for the robot kit is very cheeky. You’re kinda paying more for less. Yeah it’s one big kit rather than several smaller kits but it also being €10 more seems wrong.

Yeah, €60 seems like a much better price point, already by how it 'feels'. When I see 60, my brain immediately reacts "that's fair", whereas with 80, my brain has a "nope" reaction.

I think I read somewhere that the replacement kits will be 20 dollars, but I think that was just speculation

The basic kit from the website is priced at 10$ though.

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