German ratings board almost threw away Nintendo Labo as they mistook it for garbage

This is a pretty fantastic story. The German USK gets games to rate all the time. They're used to discs and cartridges coming to their doors. What happens when a pile of cardboard shows up at the office? According to the official Twitter account, someone almost threw the pile of cardboard away, mistaking it for a pile of garbage!

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Thu Jan 18 18 07:46pm
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I am Awesome-O. Inquiry into whether my exoskeleton is composed refuse is negative.

“Looks stupid”
Fanboys: “IT’S FOR KIDS”


“Why not plastic instead of cardboard?
Fanboys: *crickets*

I don't want to fold thin plastic sheets. The thin plastic could cut your fingers even easier than cardboard, and wouldn't be any sturdier. Make it thick enough to not break, and it wouldn't be bendable. Supply pre-built things that didn't need to be bent, and take away the construction aspect. Cricket that.

Who said it had to bend? Could’ve had plastic screws and bolts instead

That's nowhere near as much fun.

Plastic is more expensive and actually not stronger...

Um the whole purpose of it being cardboard is so you don't need to have the cardboard they supply to make it. They even said you will be able to download the templates for free so you can use any kind of cardboard you want. Having cardboard also allows people to be more willing to customize and decorate. When you get something that is a plastic peripheral, you're not going to be as willing to cover it with contact and stickers, people will want to keep plastic pristine.

Well they weren't wrong...


Bevause plastic would be a lot more expensive.

Exactly my point. They cheaped out.

But didn't you just say it's too expensive? Now it's too cheap, too? Just stop complaining.

This is a legitimate concern I've seen voiced. I mean, kids leave stuff laying around all the time... so if they leave this cardboard laying around with their joycons and the console in it, hopefully their caretakers would pay enough attention to not throw the whole thing away, assuming it's not just cardboard junk.

I mean, I'd guess most parents would know what it is, because this seems very much like a "do with your kids" sorta thing, so hopefully won't hear many bad stories like this.

I do hope parents are tech savvy enough to know what a tablet looks like, but I do understand the concern. Hopefully with parents helping their kids build them this will be adverted for the most part, but there will inevitably be that one case I feel.

I think at the very least Nintendo could've made the cardboard templates more colourful/detailed.

Funny thing is, though... the point of them not being that colorful or detailed is shown right in the trailer. They want the customer to do the customizing... which makes sense. But on its own, it does look just like... well, cardboard.

How did this not leak if even the cleaning crew has access to top secret games and hardware!?


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