iPhone X users struggling to capture Legendaries in Pokemon GO

Looks like the iPhone X has caused an issue for Pokemon GO players. Due to the way the iPhone X's screen is set up, trainers are having trouble tossing out Curve Balls to capture Legendaries. As you can see in the image above, the iPhone X screen is actually zoomed in compared to what you see on an Android device. Seeing as how you need to swipe outside the Pokemon hit box for a Curve Ball, using one accurately is pretty difficult. There's no word on a fix for this issue just yet.

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Those are some first world problems right there.

That's what you get when you pay upwards of $1k to have weird bumps at the top of your screen and send your face as a cat. But, if that makes you happy, more power to you.

Has nothing to do with the “bump,” but sure, be an obvious troll about it. 😋

Fri Jan 19 18 05:50pm
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More reasons why Android > iPhone


Sat Jan 20 18 04:20am
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Aren’t both screens above taken from iPhone? The one of the right (I.e not zoomed in) is from an iPhone.

Looking at the “source” NintendoSoup they claim the screen on the right is an android phone which it is clearly not. And their source is Reddit where no comparison to Android is being made.

They are comparing iPhone X to other iPhones which don’t have an issue and even commenting that some Android phones also do have issues like this.

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