Check Out This 3D-Printed Switch Joy-Con Grip That Holds Your Phone

Apparently people like to watch/listen to other stuff while they play games. This is a new concept to me! If you're someone in that camp and you're looking for a way to fulfill your streaming needs while playing Switch, this 3D-printed solution could be just what you need. This option supports the iPhone X and Galaxy S8+. You can get the plans to print your own here!

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This would actually be useful for the Nintendo voice chat app Discord users

Ah, the dual screen returns.
Just not how I imagined it.

Or just play in front the TV maybe?

I always watch twitch when I’m playing a game but this setup would be too small for me unless I was gaming at a table or something

Unless it's a dialog-heavy RPG, I'm never just playing a game. I usually watch YouTube videos on my laptop as I play, but I'll occasionally listen to podcasts as well. I played through a good chunk of the DS version of Dragon Quest IV while rewatching Death Note.

This grip doesn't really appeal to me, though... I'd have to take my phone out of its case, which is a hassle and wears out the material the soft part of the case is made of. Seeing this I kinda want to remix the design and print out a version just for making a wider Joycon grip. The normal one is kinda tiny, so having something closer to the size of a Wii U gamepad would be nice.


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