Yuji Naka, known for Sonic and studio Prope, has joined Square Enix

Yuji Naka, previously an important figure at SEGA, had joined the company Square Enix. What this means for his own development studio, Prope, is currently unknown. Naka is mostly known for titles like the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Phantasy Star, Nights into Dream, Ivy the Kiwi and much more.

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Oh boy! THIS should be exciting! He's one of the most genius game programmers out there..well not as genius as Iwata-san but still!

Maybe he can make a sequel of Rodea the Sky Soldier and make it a better game IP out of it?

It is crazy to me that big studios didn’t try to hire him before. I’m sure there are many other people like him who were prolific in the past, yet are just working a small, essentially independent titles

I feel like he actively avoided it to attempt to give his status a momentum. When it didn't he probably considered going back to being a cog in a machine again.

Dear Kojima

things are not what you think they are outside.

Yuji Naka.

Is Prope still alive? Sorry to see it go, if it did.

Looking forward to Naka's projects and Square Enix.


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