Freedom Planet gets updated on Wii U

Nice to know the Freedom Planet devs haven't forgotten about their Wii U fans out there. This might end up being the last update for the Wii U version, so take advantage and enjoy to the fullest!

Thanks to AndrewMated for the heads up!

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Fair play to them for their commitment.

I noticed around a month ago there was an update, but never loaded up the game to see what was new (and I Googled it but couldn't find anything).

Getting this when it comes out on Switch.

I got this in a Humble Bundle, and touched it about once.

Didn't like it?
Surprisingly I enjoyed it more than Sonic Mania, which I couldn't even finish.

I'm not really a fan of 2D platformers with the exception of Super Mario. I got the bundle to get Runbow and Citizens of Earth, and RCRDX for a friend since I already owned the game.

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