Random Time! - Playing Guitar Hero III's "Through the Fire and Flames" perfectly while blindfolded...and in expert mode

I've never even come close to passing this song on normal difficulty, and now we have someone blowing through it on expert difficulty while blindfolded. Well, guess I'm never going back to Guitar Hero!


Tue Jan 23 18 06:01pm
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Don't think it's all that hard. People play guitar without note sheets in front of them. Plus these plastic guitars only have 5 buttons. It's not hard with practice.

^^^^^ this guy. Okay, go practice a little while, let me know how it works out.

Seriously, saw this a couple days ago and was amazed.

But it really does take practice? Most rhythm games have an option to turn off the chart. My brother used to mirror the step charts on an arcade cabinet which allowed him to play the game with his back facing the cabinet. "Blindfolded" runs are simply easier to accomplish on rhythm games due to the rhythm guiding your fingers/feet, not to mention there are no random elements at play.

Well first guitar Hero has nothing to do with real guitar, though it might help in the speed department if you're going to try metal on a real guitar, but that's it.
Second, yes it's really hard.

I've been jaded by waaaaay far more impressive performances on a lot of Japanese rhythm games to be overly impressed by this run... Still nice, though!

For those who don't want to see all the failures in the beginning, the real run starts at 1:38

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