Nintendo announces the end of Miitomo, completely shutting down on May 9 this year

Nintendo Company Limited (NCL) has announced the end of Miitomo. The smartphone application will be shut down on May 9, 2018 at 16:00 JST/3AM ET/09:00 CET. The in-game currency, Miitomo Coins, can be purchased no longer. That and game tickets will be offered as free log-in bonuses for the coming months.

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Wed Jan 24 18 08:27pm
Rating: 7 (Updated 1 time)

Definitely not going to miss it. Kind of a crappy start to their mobile efforts.

Wed Jan 24 18 08:27pm
Rating: 7 (Updated 1 time)

Definitely not going to miss it. Kind of a crappy start to their mobile efforts.

Wed Jan 24 18 08:32pm
Rating: 3

Wow... that game app did not last very long.

Wed Jan 24 18 08:38pm
Rating: 1

Wow, honesty not surprised. It really wasn't very useful and got old fast.

Wed Jan 24 18 08:39pm
Rating: 1

Not surprised by this at all. It was fun for about 2 weeks.

They announce it is ending now, but for me at least, it was over before it began. Really shook me and made me lose hope that Switch (NX at the time) would be good. I remember people saying that it would somehow be a gateway to a NintendoLand style suite of minigames, just wait and see. Glad to see it go.

Wed Jan 24 18 08:52pm
Rating: 2

Very dissapointed since I really loved Miitomo. I was playing it daily for about a year and since then I have checked in regularly.
I think many people just didn't get the concept or didn't have the right people to converse with. For me and my friends it was lots of fun.

Not surprising. After a week, I got bored with it

It makes me wonder if they're working on a Tomodachi Life for either Switch or mobile.

I see resources of this app moving to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

What resources exactly? The costumes?

The cosmetics, I suppose.

I honestly can't say I'll miss it.

Wed Jan 24 18 09:17pm
Rating: 2

The photo part of the app where you could take pictures and add in your Miis and pose them or put Mii faces onto people was probably the best part of Miitomo and would have been nice as a standalone app.

Wed Jan 24 18 09:18pm
Rating: 1

Always found it odd people criticize it for being a bad game when its supposed to be a social app.... still got boring to use quick tho.

The problem was that there wasn't much to do socially. You answer questions and share pictures, and that's about it. It would have been nice if I had complete control over my Mii and was able to have sort of a simple second life like experience when visiting my friend and their home.

That didn't last long at all. First Miiverse now this. Makes me wonder if the "Mii" brand is just dying...

Wed Jan 24 18 09:56pm
(Updated 1 time)

The Mii brand might be dying as you said... The switch doesn't have anything Mii related. Miiverse is gone ( Sad ) and Miitomo is dead ( Smile ). Only Miitopia is left. Perhaps Kimishima doesn't see a future in the Miis anymore and is killing them little by little. I thought that other companies would follow... Yet, Xbox will launch an avatar overhaul this March.

WHAT?! NOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHY?! COME ON.... (crying)

The only reason I played this was to get points for Picross but I still find it funny for sharing info with friends, plus the fact that I hid myself in the mech suit from MPFF which makes all the expressions the exact same. Kinda sad this died so fast

I always thought they would eventually add games similar to StreetPass Plaza. I'm surprised they didn't. That would have keep me and many other interested. That Candy Drop game wasn't cutting it.

fred duck
Wed Jan 24 18 11:26pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

What? Why would they bother keeping it up for another three months? They're handing out extra coins and telling people to "keep enjoying it right until the end" but once the server gets turned off, it's all gone.

If it's simply to let people save their photos, it's overkill.

If it's to give people a chance to try out all the clothes and take lots of goofy photos, why not drop the ridiculous prices to something sane? Heaven forbid they drop the prices to free in that case. After all, they're not selling coins and no sane person would want to waste money on it now that the end is coming.

Anyway, I hope Nintendo shuts down all their other apps soon. They're all about the same calibre of awful, just in their own different ways.

Ah, I can't wait to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth when AC/PC inevitably gets shut down.

Fred Duck said:
No server lives forever.

Thu Jan 25 18 12:19am
(Updated 1 time)

It would be stupid for Nintendo to shut down their other games on mobile because they are generating a ton of money from them. Miitomo just wasn't a good idea of experimenting on mobile because its..well not really a game to begin with.

As much as I would love Nintendo to quit their mobile games and just stick to consoles solely, business is about expanding things to make consistent profit. You can't survive in business if you can't grow further in it.

No, business is about making enough money to stay ahead of costs.

Stockholders want businesses to constantly expand things in order to pump up the stock price so they can sell and get out with huge profits. They do NOT WANT consistent profit. As you can imagine, this means most traders don't care a whit about the longevity of a company.

Growing isn't important if you can create products that appeal to your current customers. It's a lot easier to maintain a relationship than to start a brand new one.

Thu Jan 25 18 03:03am
(Updated 1 time)

This is really strange for me.
Regardless of your opinion on this app, the fact is there's a real connection between the app and Nintendo accounts, your account Mii can be your current custom Miitomo one, this always led people to believe there would be a similar connection with your Switch Mii, it also strengthened the concept of unified Nintendo accounts.
I don't think Miis are dying, but I really wonder what's going to happen with Nintendo accounts.
While the news of the app dying are sad, they obviously have a shakeup planned for Nintendo accounts and I'm absolutely sure all these Mii assets are gonna be used on something else, so I'm pretty excited to see what they have planned.

That's the reason why i will be never interested in "games as a service". I only play games with a offline singleplayer option.

Like Mario Kart Wii, the servers are already shut down but i still enjoy to play the single player mode.

could not play it because I was not in the list of the "chosen people" (seriously WTF nintendo?) and could not bother rooting anything for this.

Meh, I couldn't care less. I only used it in the beginning to get enough platina points for the LOZ Picross.

Aww, even though I haven't played it in like a year, I will still miss it. I had good memories of this app, and I actually met some people there who are still friends today

I was expecting it to evolve and add more features after the first month or so. But ultimately it had little to do (especially compared to similar games like Tomodachi Life) and was doomed to fail. This app needed more features and means to interact with your friends. I'm surprised Nintendo didn't see that from the start.

The writing was on the wall; Nintendo stopped putting effort into this app for quite a while now. It's as if they were convinced the app was perfect as-is, and were stubbornly waiting for consumers to wake up and embrace it, "any day now." I've always thought it would gain a lot of popularity if it became an alternate interface for the Switch avatar module, sharing the same costumes and other assets, but Switch avatars seem to be downplayed anyway.

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