Blast from the past - Photos of Nintendo actually steamrolling pirated Game Boy games

All the way back in 1994, Nintendo was still fighting off game pirates. The scene above shows off the Big N steamrolling tons of pirated Game Boy games that were obtained at a Dutch import company.

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I know Nintendo hates piracy but instead of steamrolling, wouldn't it be a better idea to reuse the carts by modifying them or recycling them?

Waste of resources if you ask me.

Recycling has advanced quite a bit in recent years. It's doubtful that recycling them would even be possible let alone economical back then.

As far as reusing the carts, they were pirated and likely much lower quality than Nintendo would be okay selling.

You can atleast disassemble the parts and modify them.

Fri Jan 26 18 10:18am
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I think the funniest thing about this is the Mario looking on. "Yes. Yes. Chrush-a them all"

Mario don't play that s#@t. Pirates get the knife.

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