RUMOR - Nvidia Shield version of Zelda: Twilight Princess is handled through emulation

It seems like every month, there's another new tidbit about the GameCube games available on the Nvidia Shield. Today the saga continues, with an interesting tidbit about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Those more technically inclined than I have taken a look behind-the-scenes on the Shield version of Twilight Princess, only to discover that the game is being emulated. Why is this a point worth bringing up? It would indicate that Nintendo has a working GameCube emulator for the Shield. It's not too far of a logic jump to think that they could bring that to other platforms like the Switch.

Of course, that's all just speculation for now. Many people are hoping Nintendo brings GameCube games to the Switch. While we wait for any official news on that, this tidbit at least gives a glimmer of hope.


Tue Jan 30 18 08:51am
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I still hope for remakes of GameCube games, not just releases with the virtual console.

Games like Super Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion (and other GameCube games) would need a makeover Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD.

I'd be much more willing to see Luigi's Mansion 3 than a GCN port.

Sunshine remaster would support a steady release into Summer one of these years, though. I am for that.

The remake treatment would be great for the big dogs, but it'd still be really awesome to have VC games for some of the lesser Nintendo properties and third party titles. I highly doubt Nintendo would ever remake F-Zero GX, for example, and I'd so love having that on Switch! The games would still look much better with a resolution bump

As nice as that would be, I'm just expecting straight ports with no enhancements.

Tue Jan 30 18 12:13pm
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What about both? Get loads of GC/wii games for Switch on VC and some enhanced, full HD, with extras etc titles. Sunshine in HD. F-zero in HD, motion, HD rumble and online.... But some games could just get a VC port.

Tue Jan 30 18 12:51pm
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It would be pretty disappointing with those games emulated at a higher internal resolution on the Shield, full HD infact... if GC games being released on Switch VC did not support that and they looked worse on Switch than on the Shield. If the Switch was to emulate those for VC, tey would, more than likely, run in HD to begin with, though obviously that would not be quite the same as "HD" versions like te likes of Twilight Princess HD, that would already be a huge imrpovement over the originals.

Of course they can upscale to "HD", but was thinking if some actual remakes for some games.

There's a difference between upscaling and emulating the game at a higher internal resolution. Twilight Princess on Shield is not upscaled, it runs internally at 1080p. Upscaling is just a pretty way of saying that an inferior resolution image has been stretched across a higher resolution display with some bells and whistles in play to make it look nicer than it would if it was just plainly stretched, but that's not the case at all here. The game DOES run at 1080p on the Nvidia Shield.

There's a ice article here that explains the difference between un-upscaled 1080p source on 4K versus 1080p source upscaled to 4K versus native 4K display. http://www.red.com/learn/red-101/upscaled-1080P-vs-4K

Twilight Princess on Shield runs at native 1080p through emulation, even though the game wasn't a 1080p game originally. It is NOT upscaled. Same thing as how N64 games on Wii and Wii U Virtual Console run at native 480p even when they originally ran only at 240p on their original console. And should Gamecube games or Wii games come to Switch, the fact that Twilight Princess can run at native 1080p on the Shield while emulated means that the Switch could do the exact same thing since both pieces of hardware are basically identical.

Granted, that's still not the same as a full on remake with nicer textures and gameplay tweaked to accomodate the possibly different methods of input, but saying they're "upscaled" is downplaying it. The fact that they run at native full HD for games of that vintage is quite a big deal. It means you could get on your Switch the same kind of great results you could get on PCs running these game on an emulator like Dolphin, which during the days of the Wii made everyone wish these games were running at 1080p on the Wii itself, even with the same textures and all, making possible VC re-releases on Switch without any further enhancements already much better offerings than the originals.

Still weird to see Nintendo games legally playing on the Shield. Anyway, I wouldn't get your hopes up people. While there may be a Gamecube VC on Switch, if history repeats itself (which there's no reason to believe it won't) there's like a 99.99% chance that the games won't be upscaled to HD...unlike on the Shield.

There may be some remastered Gamecube games released at $50 or $60 on Switch that have HD, like the Twilight Princess HD port on Wii U, but Nintendo does not like to do anything special for Virtual Console titles (oh, and enjoy that $1 discount for VC titles that you've already purchased on prior Nintendo systems).

Gamecube seems to have a lot of games that can only be played on that system. I can only hope that a port of Path of Radiance happens for the Switch eventually.


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