Toy-Con Garage revealed for Nintendo Labo, a feature that lets you create unique functions for Toy-Cons

As usual with Nintendo, there's always more to their products than they first reveal. While it wasn't discussed in the original Nintendo Labo trailer, there were some aspects shown that had people wondering if there was more to the experience. Today Nintendo reveals another tidbit that goes along with Nintendo Labo, called Toy-Con Garage.

- available from the software’s main menu
- starts out with an empty black screen
- select from a number of blocks based on input options for your Joy-Con
- connect them to other blocks based on output options
- add to it by connecting different actions and subsequent reactions and mapping them to existing Toy-Con projects
- example: motorbike handlebars and the RC car can be used in conjunction
- remap the motorbike’s standard acceleration function to the RC car’s acceleration
- this makes a RC car Toy-Con that can be driven with the handlebar Toy-Con
- assign a variety of unique functions to the Joy-Con controllers and Switch console as well
- design your own toys with cardboard lying around the house
- with a cardboard guitar, you can program it to meow like a cat depending on which on-screen strings you strum

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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I see Nintendo sneakily trying to raise a new generation of engineers...well maybe not sneakily.

This could be really interesting depending on how much freedom Nintendo allow with the Toy-Con Garage software. Think Super Mario Maker and how people came up with some really clever and ingenious levels using the tools within that game.

lol and I was almost going to only order one of the two. I honestly did not think it would go this far. I was sure the cardboard part was the only thing we could change.

This is a whole other dimention - I was wondering about it and great to see it confirmed.

It will be people's own inventiveness that will make this massive - the toy con are in many ways a really fun way of demonstrating the potential.

If Nintendo really open this system up, support it and keep it really accessible they will have a massive hit on their hands. I have a feeling they know that already though!

Damn you, Nintendo. I might have to get this. My wallet hates you, but I don't.

My friends and I have been calling ourselves Nintenhoes lately. We get pessimistic now and then with Nintendo, but with the Switch and all their recent successes, we can't help but toss our money at everything they are giving us.

Nintendhoes! Now THAT is agme that must be made. Notdigs this time, but hoes! That would take away their kiddy image xD

Or maybe not.

Yeah, Nintendo is doing great with the Switch and I am happy they are back in action. I think somewhere Iwata could have wanted Kimishima to take the throne after he was gone knowing that things will be in good hands, but damn that Kimishima is baddass. Noy Yamauchi, but somewhere in between the two.

Wouldm't surprise for more surprises come this Direct (and year in general).

BUT! If they want the Switch to go good for 6-7 years, they will have to upgrade the hardware!

Iwata said that the goal for the next hardware (now known as Switch) was to have an architecture and OS ecosystem that could be upgraded with time, like the iPhone/iPad, were there would never be uncertainties about backward compatibility, and maybe even a little bit of forward compatibility. So I've got no doubt they will keep supporting it on the long run.

... Ok, well, plans can always changes, but this one is pretty much thinking on the long term, and it's going really well right now. We'll have to see...

I was happy leaving this to kids and buying the current iteration only when (or if) I get kids later on... But with this... Wow... I think I'm buying it. o_o

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