Bandai Namco LinkedIn profile mentions Ridge Racer 8 and "First Person Shooter/Adventure" exclusives for Switch

YouTuber Doctre81 put out a video claiming he found two rather juicy tidbits on the LinkedIn profile of a Bandai Namco employee. While he never mentions the employee in the video, I went through LinkedIn myself and found the person. Their profile matches the content that Doctre81 mentions in the video linked above.

As you can see, the profile states that Bandai Namco is working on an Unannounced IP (First Person Shooter/Adventure Exclusive to the Nintendo Switch), as well as Ridge Racer 8, which is also Switch exclusive. Two very exciting finds by Doctre81 indeed. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that these details are soon to disappear from this employee's profile.

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Wed Feb 07 18 01:15am
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Did someone say...

Interesting. Could they be the devs making Metroid Prime 4? Very interesting indeed.

If that employee isn't lying on his profile then this is huge news. The last mainline entry in the Ridge Racer series was (surprisingly) 12 years ago on the PS3. So for it to return on the Switch as an exclusive is huge. The last Ridge Racer I played was 3D for the 3DS, and the only one I played before that was DS (which was a N64 port). It should be interesting comparing the handheld graphical leaps between the DS, 3DS, and Switch with this new entry.

And I'm excited to see what this new first-person adventure is all about. I'm tempted to say it's related to Metroid Prime 4, but that's definitely an announced IP.

Shout outs to the Doctor!

oh wow , I so wasn't thinking about mp4 but yeah it should be that. an exclusive game by namco could only exist with another major work financed by nintendo.

Ridge Racer? Gimme gimme gimme!!!

Once I get the Switch, I'm gonna get my racing gloves and play Ridge Racer 8! Bring it on, Bandai Namco!!!!

That's definitely incredible if true, the unnanounced FPS is probably Metroid Prime 4. Let's see how a Japanese firm would fare given Metroid Prime games are purely western in their style.

Ridge Racer 8's exclusivity is much more unepected but it would make sense given there's no real competition in this field on Switch.

Why are people saying it’s Metroid 4? If his page is anything to go by, he said UNANNOUNCED IP. When last I checked, Metroid was announced! Unless he made a mistake, I’d hazard a guess it’s something else.

Wed Feb 07 18 02:44am
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It just can mean it's an IP not announced by Bandai Namco itself.

Remember that MP4 by Bandai Namco is only a rumor for now, Nintendo didn't say anything about it, but several rumors say BN is involved in the development.

Metroid is announced by Nintendo, not Bandai. So for them to be working on it, it would be a new IP for them, which has yet to be announced. Interestingly though, if it is not Metroid, but it is still a First Person shooter game, it would explain why there are rumours of them working on Metroid Prime 4, because being a Switch exclusive, it is the first thing you would think of.

Well, I see both your logic & it is quite possible. There’s one more reason why I’m now leaning towards it being Metroid. Nintendo has never called it a FPS. In his profile he said it was a FPS/Adventure. Time will tell, I suppose.

Even if the exclusivity or the whole thing is fake, It makes so much sense.
The Switch really needs a high profile arcade racing game.

Kinda weird that they'd say "Shooter/Adventure exclusive for Switch" but blab out "Ridge Racer 8 exclusive for Switch"...

So Kaz is quitting Sony only to join Ninty only to announce Riiiiiidge Racer.

I did not think about Prime 4 but if that's them, color me interested.

A BRAND NEW Ridge Racer though, and exclusive to the Switch ? Hell yeah ^^
That's the only racing "simulation" I can stomach precisely because it's not a racing sim at all, and it's just arcadey and dumb enough so that I can play it.

Fun fact:
N64 had Ridge Racer 64 which apparently was made by NST (Nintendo Software Technology) and later ported to DS as Ridge Racer DS.
(Didn’t know this before this rumor!)

So it is good that this Game rumor is named Ridge Racer 8, like Mario Kart 8, and not a port named Ridge Racer Switch of RR64 or RR7

Wed Feb 07 18 10:00am
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What have Bandai Namco Singapore even made? I thought nintendo would have given Prime 4 to a more trusted developer. If Prime 4 blows up in their faces and turns out bad because they didn't give it to Retro Studios or another developer then there's going to be a lot of sad people out there...of course if it's true they're developing it.

Edit: I read that some of the developers came from LucasArts and worked on Star Wars The Force Unleashed and Star Wars 1313. Also read that there is a level designer from Far Cry 4/Primal. So there's a lot of talent at this studio. My hopes are a bit higher now.

I hope it's not another shitty free to play online game like they had on the Wii U

I'll bet RMC's left nut that this is Metroid Prime 4. I'd be shocked it if weren't.

RMC's left nut is not yours to bet.


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