Official PR - Super Baseball 2020 hitting Switch this week (NeoGeo)

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku; CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from February 8th, 2018, ACA NEOGEO 2020 SUPER BASEBALL will be available digitally for ACA NEOGEO, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™.

“2020 SUPER BASEBALL” is a baseball game released by SNK in 1991. In a near future, there are two leagues with 6 teams each. Players pick their team, and compete for the championship. As the game progresses, landmines will be set up on the field, and armor can be purchased during games to reinforce players. These unique aspects make for a very unique baseball experience!


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