Nintendo UK - Tell us what Nintendo games you’re enjoying and you could appear on this very website, and even Nintendo Switch News

With so many great games available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS family systems we want to know what titles you’re enjoying, and for you to share your thoughts with your fellow UK Nintendo fans!

Performing impressive acrobatics in Super Mario Odyssey? Tackling your personal Dark Lord in Miitopia? Blood pumping from all of those fierce online sessions* of Splatoon 2 or ARMS? Exploring the depths of Planet SR388 in Metroid: Samus Returns? Found a Nintendo eShop gem that isn’t getting enough attention? Whatever it is, we want to hear about your current Nintendo joy!

Of all the words of wonder we receive in a month, four winners will be chosen to receive £20 Nintendo eShop credit to spend on further treasures. What’s more, their words will be featured on both this website and, if it’s a Nintendo Switch game, on Nintendo Switch News itself!

To enter, all you need to do is write a short 100-250 word description of the title you’re currently enjoying – this can describe a particular moment or feature, or simply talk about the game in general – and send it to us via email at nintendocommunity@nintendo.co.uk with the subject line "Player’s Voice". Alternatively you may enter via post by addressing your entry to "Player’s Voice, Nintendo UK Community Team, Nintendo UK, The Quadrant, 55-57 High Street, Windsor, SL4 1LP". If you’re entering via post, please remember to include a contact method so we can reach you should you win!

The competition will run throughout 2018, with the winning round-up posted here on the Nintendo UK website the first Monday of each month. The deadline for a month’s winners being selected will be the 21st of the previous month. Entries for the next month will be accepted immediately after this deadline.

We’re looking forward to reading, and sharing, the many fun Nintendo experiences you have in 2018!

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Is this something people would be interested in? I saw this and thought a big "No thanks"

I saw it and said a big yes please. Why wouldn't people be interested in it?

This is a fairly standard competition with simple mechanics and easy ways to participate.

For me personally, it just seems a bit... awkward, to kinda get on stage to basically just state your opinion. And it clearly has to be beamingly positive

I like contests, but this more seems like "Tell us you really like the Switch, and we'll post that on our website together with your face"

For some people, this may be their best chance to get a positive "15 minutes of fame".

Thu Feb 08 18 12:38pm
Rating: 1

Yeah, probably. Luckily I have no interest in fame

Thu Feb 08 18 08:50pm
Rating: 1

And it's a great thing too. Too many people are completely blinded by the allure of fame that they would do/claim anything.

For a lot of people, getting their name in print is a source of joy if it;s just a small mention. Only their words appear, not their face.

It's fine that you're not comfortable with this style of competition though. There are also a lot of people who aren't comfortable seeing their words etc shared elsewhere

I never said I wasn't comfortable with it, though! I just have no interest in this and thought most people wouldn't

Ah, the old I'm not interested so others wouldn't be either

Sorry I offended you? At least, the phrasing sounds like you take offense to me presuming other people wouldn't be interested in it either. Kinda weird, so I hope that isn't the case...

Fri Feb 09 18 01:31pm
(Updated 1 time)

Nah, apologies that my comment came off curt. My bad, not yours.

It's a view that's more common than one might think and I'm irritated with it rather than with you.

It's a view that leads to less well-rounded business decisions and happens too often, even nowadays when information is more easily available.

Case in point, prior to the launch of the Switch, I saw many internet comments like that - 'I dislike the Switch and think idea sucks, others think the same way as me too'

Fri Feb 09 18 01:47pm
(Updated 1 time)

Yeah, don't get me wrong. I'm not the kind of guy who's like "I think a certain way, so everyone else should!"
I just really thought that other people also wouldn't be interested in this, but I remained open to the idea there might be people who would be interested. It's why I asked the question. =)

But I can definitely understand why it didn't seem that way. A lot of people (especially on the internet) ask questions not earnestly, but rhetorically.

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