VOEZ - Details on Version 1.4's new tracks

Yesterday we told you that VOEZ Version 1.4 was available, and it included 14 new songs. Now we have title names and artists for all of those tracks, which you can find below.

Return of the Prodigy by 来兎 feat. 聖奈
yoyo 尼 by Checkmate
KIVΛ by Qualia
M2U by Masquerade
KillerBlood by The Black Case
eyemedia by Violet
そんなに私を期待させないで by 上村叶恵
Rainbow Light by こふ
Don’t stop the moment by Tattsu
MilK by モリモリあつし
Sky Love Fantasia by stereoberry
Meteor Lights by s-don
Magical Toy Box by Shiron + xi

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I hope they add an option to favourite songs and sort them that way.

My favourite is 'Blanket'.

Yeah, same here. The way I play rhythm games tends to be to fire it up, play all my favourites, and then maybe play some of my non favourites if I still feel like playing more. I would play the game much more often if I could actually remember what my favourites are.

Reminder that xi's FREEDOM DiVE sucks donkey dingus

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