Nintendo's Takehiro Izushi retires after over 40 years with the company

Takehiro Izushi, an employee of Nintendo since 1975, has just retired. The 65-year-old spent 43 years with Nintendo, working on everything from the Game and Watch series to Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. In recent years, Izushi was part of Nintendo's General Affairs Division. Now the legend has stepped away from Nintendo to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

Thanks to Takehiro Izushi for the tireless work he put into so many of Nintendo's projects, which in turn, created countless memories for millions of fans the world over.

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Thank you and enjoy your retirement Izushi-san.

Thank you and enjoy your retirement Izushi-san.

Thank you for everything, sir. Enjoy your retirement.

I haven't even spent 43 years breathing. Good for you, and enjoy your years of freedom. Sounds like he gave his all during his time at Nintendo so it's high time he enjoyed a long stretch of whatever strikes his fancy.

Thank you sir. The game and watch Donkey King was the first video game I ever owned. Probably played it for hundreds of hours in childhood

Sun Feb 11 18 09:29am
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I can't say 100% it was my first gaming related item, but it was damn close if it wasn't. I played for hundreds of hours as well, and could play it backwards, and forwards blindfolded. LOL

Congrats on retiring, and thanks for being such a BIG part of my childhood.

I remember I had donkey kong 2 game and watch as well...its broken now but back then, my bro enjoyed it like hell.

As for Takehiro-san, enjoy the rest of your life. Your works will never be forgotten.

Btw..I don't think I remember seeing his name on the credits but what games was he involved in throughout his entire career?

Umm... That's nice...ok.

Thank you for your time. And now the new blood moves in...

Can't say I knew who he is, but kudos for sticking with the company for so long!


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