Twitch Plays Pokemon returns, now playing Pokemon Red/Blue at the same time

Twitch Plays Pokemon kicked off 4 years ago, and while the fun has been going all these years, the challenge has now gotten a bit of a twist. Now both Pokemon Red and Blue are being played at the same time. Can the internet come together to somehow complete both games with just one set of inputs? I guess we're going to find out! The live-stream has been placed after the jump due to autoplay.

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Autoplay, RMC. You might want to place the video after a jump.

Tue Feb 13 18 06:09pm
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Would be more interesting if both were subjected to the same input at once.

No, thanks. This fad should've ended in 2014...

Memes that deserve to die thrive on the cringe of it still existing.

Wed Feb 14 18 10:01am
(Updated 2 times)

I... don't quite understand the actual inputs here. What are the likes of "L:N" or "R:B+W-"

EDIT: Oh, okay. The Twitch channel itself has a full explanation of this

But now I wonder... Is that Leaf in Pokémon Blue? Is this a romhack?


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