Nintendo Accounts can now be used to play games that are not published by Nintendo

Nintendo is sending out the following email to those who have a Nintendo Account. Looks like some changes have been made to Nintendo Accounts to expand what games you can play online.

"We are excited to announce that a Nintendo Account may now be used to play games that are not published by Nintendo.

You set up an account for your child and we want you to know that, when your child uses their Nintendo Account to play third-party games, the publishers of those games may have access to, use, and store your child's information.

If you would like to manage which third-party games can access and use your child's information please visit the parental control settings in your Nintendo Account.

If you have any questions or for more information on Nintendo's privacy practices, please visit support.nintendo.com.


Nintendo of America Inc. Consumer Service Department"

Thanks to Dr_Tenma for the heads up!

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Hmm.... Interesting. Paving the road for their online service?

I'm sorry, but I really don't understand the difference. How was it before? I do have two online compatible games that are not published by Nintendo, but I've never seen anything different playing them.

I'm confused about this too, but I presume it means games are now being more integrated with Nintendo's online infrastructure rather than being for the most part separate as in the past.
If so, it's probably in preparation for the paid online launch.

I’m only guessing here, but perhaps it means that the 3rd party could allow you to login and play the game without an EA origin account, etc. I seem to remember having had to create one of those back in the day in order to play Need for Speed: Most Wanted U. I don’t recall whether I needed to sign into that same account when I later bought FIFA 18 on Switch.

But as I type this, I realize that I truly don’t understand the difference either. Hopefully someone can shed some light on this.

Wed Feb 14 18 10:59pm
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Before: When you're logged in on your consoles, Nintendo could use their API to gather general information about your account to customize the game, and implement the "missions" the mobile games can have to get you Platinum coins. Only Nintendo had access to that API. Devs had access to your console User name, but that was it.

Now: Nintendo now give that API to 3rd parties that ask it, so they can access more informations about you and enable special actions linked to your account. Right now, the best I can think of is to know if you bought/own a previous game of the dev (I have NO idea if the API actually let the dev access that, but it could, as you can see the eShop can have special prices if you own another game) and to implement missions that give platinum coins and bonus you can unlock with them, like the mobile games. There's also a possibility the API could be compatible with (or outright only for) third party mobile games... but I kinda doubt it, would be weird. That may also be a way to facilitate access to the friend list and to implement invites to other players.

So actually it's more "Developer's have access to more possibilities and data" instead of "Users have a new way of using Online."?

Yep, that's pretty much what's written in the notice. That's a warning that the children's info could be accessed by a third party, something Nintendo have to do because of regulations in a lot of countries.

I thought Nintendo Network Accounts are all but dead in favor of MyNintendo accounts.

Thu Feb 15 18 09:06am
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Now that you say it... the mail talks about "Nintendo Accounts", whereas the image Comes from the "Nintendo Network". And isn't "MyNintendo" the name of the loyalty program only?

This stuff is way more complicated than it should be. Especially for a company that's known for rather basic online infrastructures.

Thu Feb 15 18 10:37am
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I think the image is something RMC picked, so I wouldn't put too much stock into that. It's entirely possible that RMC picked the wrong image by mistake.

Nintendo Account is the name for the 'universal' account that you can use at Nintendo. In particular, it's used to log in to the Switch (for eShop use, for example) and to redeem MyNintendo rewards and do MyNintendo missions.

The account you used to have for Nintendo's online was called the Nintendo Network ID (not account), and I don't see any mention of that here


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