SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ devs say all female characters in SNK history are being considered, not just fight game characters

A portion of a Confreaksandgeeks interview with devs Yasuyuki Oda and Kaito Soranaka...

CFG: For this game’s characters specifically, are you looking at all of SNK history or just its fighting games?

Oda: Anybody is potentially a future character. We’re looking at all avenues. Any character as long as they’re a girl.

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I hope this means we get some Metal Slug girls

I hope this means we get some Metal Slug girls

I was just thinking, "I hope we'll see Fio and Eri."

Wed Feb 14 18 09:32pm
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"Metal Slug Girls."

Now there's a fancy band name Smile

Wed Feb 14 18 06:59pm
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"Any character as long as they’re a girl."

Invader Queen from Metal Slug 6. Aw, yeah.

No one is safe!

Wow, that's actually really cool!

Give me Metal Slug girls and I seriously might consider buying.

Eri or Fio or bust.

Heh, bust.


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