Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2 listed on ESRB, likely to be singular release

This comes from the ESRB page...

Interestingly, both games are listed together. This would mean that all ten Mega Man games are bundled together in a singular release. If that is the case, that remains to be seen!

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It is the norm nowadays...singular retail combo, separate digital downloads.

Or, more precisely in Capcom and Nintendo style...free download with your retail purchase.

I fear this is exactly their train of thought.

Cause that means I will be playing only one of them long after the Switch is done being supported when I bought both.

Good I only have to buy one game instead of two.

Good, good! I want them all on one card.

Won't be surprised if it turns out to be Collection 1 on the card, and Collection 2 as a digital download, but man do i hope I'm wrong!

You see the unboxing of the Unlimited Climax Bayonetta pack in Japan? Has a case with two cartridge inlets. It's glorious.

Not only seen it, but also have it pre-ordered. ;)
But when it comes to Capcom, I don't see them giving us something similar...

No reason all games can't fit on a single cart, well a reasonable sized cart, and I can see Crapcom taking the cheapest option.

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