Switch Pro Controller: Splatoon 2 Edition discontinued according to Amazon

Looks like Nintendo was serious about the Splatoon 2 Edition of the Switch Pro Controller being a limited-time thing. Amazon has updated their product listing for the controller, stating that the item is now discontinued. If you still want to grab one of these, you better hop on any stock you can find out there!

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Games: Splatoon 2


Wait, they were limited? I planned on waiting for a price drop, but it seems that I'm going to miss out.

and soon they will discontinue the xenoblade chronicles 2 controller too

That sucks. I want one because I've heard the d-pad is improved on the XBC2 Pro Controllers. I have no interest in the game itself, I just want that specific controller. I've just been waiting for a price drop because I won't do $70 for a controller.

The Xb2 controllers feature an improved D-pad anyways, So I wouldn't even jump on this unless you were a huge fan of splatoon2.

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