Did You Know Gaming - Wario secrets

In this episode, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some Wario secrets, facts, Easter eggs and history! Through our analysis of Nintendo's Wario games, their gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the Wario series and have its history explained.

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Sun Feb 18 18 07:43pm
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Dear Nintendo,

More Wario please.

Your Fans

Dear Nintendo,

Listen to Rustyowl. ^__^

Your other fan

Dear Nintendo,

More Shake It-style game please!

Your third fan.

If Nintendo isn't going to go through the trouble of emulating Wario Land for the Virtual Boy on the 3DS, they should at least do a full color remake. That game is pure gold and doesn't deserve to suffer in obscurity by being exclusive to that system.

They could have let Renegade Kid re-make it. It's a shame Nintendo passed.

I looked that news story up and was surprised to find out that this was actually something that was talked about. It's a damn shame that they didn't take them up on that offer because Renegade Kid would have been a perfect fit for a project like that with the hopping between perspectives and layers on the playing field being such a large part of Mutant Mudds. The game is short enough that it wouldn't have been too difficult to pull off. At least the game can be played in 3D on an emulator.

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