Newzoo analysis - Nintendo has $2.5 billion opportunity to grow revenue via subscriptions,microtransactions, and mobile games

“Most remarkable is that Nintendo generated these revenues with hardware and full-game sales only. The contribution to revenue from its smart-device business (responsible for Nintendo’s mobile games) is negligible at 3 percent of all gaming revenues while subscription revenues and revenue from in-game transactions are almost non-existent.”

Market researcher Newzoo sees a very big opportunity for Nintendo in the year ahead, and they think big revenue can come from mobile games, microtransactions, and subscriptions. You can read more on their analysis here.

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It’s impressive to see how much revenue increased for nintendo year to year. They have almost reached Microsofts levels of revenue. Seeing as Microsoft and Sony has seemed so far out of reach for many years market share wise. This totally changes the game.

We are not that ”stupid”...

’See Splatfeast’


Count me in the apparently small group of people convinced we are all going to be blown away when Nintendo announces their subscription online service. They will definitely make money.

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