Castle of Heart dev explains why the game is a Switch exclusive

7Levels is bringing Castle of Heart to the Switch in the near future, and the title is a platform exclusive. In the interview snippet below, Nintendo Life finds out how the developer came to that decision.

NL: What influenced the decision to make it a Switch exclusive?

7L: We’re massive fans of Nintendo consoles, which may seem a bit strange in Poland, where systems produced by this giant were never that popular. By focusing exclusively on Switch, we tried to please this particular groups of gamers, (which we belong to ourselves) and that gives us an advantage over the multiplatform titles.

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That whole interview was one of the better indie dev interviews I've read lately. They seemed to really put their heart and soul into this. A few of the comments on the site hosting the interview were saying "the game looks like crap," which I think is unfair. It's a $15 indie game made by a small team. They specifically said in the interview that they love retro games, but dislike how so many retro-style games made today use pixel graphics, even if it doesn't fit the gameplay too well. I imagine that this is done to save the devs money, but these guys used a similar amount of resources to other small indie developers to make a game that has (in my opinion) really engaging characters and textures, making a game with 'classic' gameplay but modern(ish) graphics. People are comparing it to Dark Souls and Assassin's Creed in visual style and saying it's bad. But they should be comparing it to other retro indie games that cost less than $20, and realize that it looks pretty fantastic.


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