User reviews might be coming to the Switch eShop

Sometimes you need some testimonials to convince you of a game purchase, and what better way is there to get some insight than from your fellow gamers? As of right now, user reviews aren't a part of the Switch eShop, but some information on Nintendo's website seems to point to that changing soon.

Using the Dragon Quest Builders page on Nintendo.com as an example, at the bottom of the page you can see a "Review this Game" option. Clicking that option checks your account to see if you have the game, and if you've played it for at least two hours. Nintendo also says that "all reviews are from verified players" and "Nintendo does not endorse any reviews on this site."

Certainly seems like reviews are making their way to the Switch eShop. We'll keep an eye out for their implementation, and be sure to share that info with you.

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Fri Feb 23 18 01:39pm
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Hopefully they'll be more like the Wii U. Other review systems are often infected with "rage reviews".

Just sent one in for BOTW and I will say it works really well. This would be a great addition to the Switch eShop and hopefully they include some damn categories so indies aren't buried for coming out at launch.

I suspect it will be similar to the Wii U system, but I haven't tried it yet. If it's actual written reviews, ooh boy.

Is it only for eShop purchases? On the 3DS and Wii U you could leave a rating for physical games too, as long as you played them for at least an hour.

Fri Feb 23 18 04:10pm
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I just did one for a physical game I own and didn't let me do one for a game that I hadn't for over two hours.

Fri Feb 23 18 05:46pm
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I can see this being review scores like on the Wii U eShop, not actual written text reviews.

Sat Feb 24 18 01:40am
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It's more than just stars, you have lot of things to enter.
- Star rating,
- A selection of tags you can select (family friendly, great sound, graphics, easy, fun, etc)
- Headline (brief summary)
- Review (min 50 characters)
- describe yourself? (Nintendo fan, Core Gamer, Casual player, Parent)
- Does the review contain spoilers? (checkbox)
The review will actually show your Mii, your username, all the info entered above, the amount of time played, the rating and date you made the review.

Also, they say this:

Your review may appear on our website and on other Nintendo marketing materials and services.

This may only be for the website.

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