Super Mario Odyssey - All Costumes & Hats in 8-Bit With 3D Comparison

The 8-bit content in Odyssey really makes me want a new 2D Mario platform with 8-bit, or even 16-bit visuals. I really hope that's not too old school for Nintendo to consider. I'm thinking it'll just be a pipe dream for me, but I hope one day I'm wrong!

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Sun Feb 25 18 01:28pm
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I’d like a new 8-bit or 16-bit Mario game as well, RMC. Unfortunatey, I think it would go over poorly with the fanbase, though.

In my opinion, the 8-bit revival boom fizzled due to over-saturation, and I feel like many people now consider new games with retro-graphics the “lazy” or “easy” way out.

(The eShop could be a great avenue for a game like “SMB4,” though!)

It's almost like the Wii U just had one in 2016 that allowed you to play in both of those graphical styles, and even had a bunch of costumes just like this.

I'd love one that goes for a 2D look but in a more contemporary fashion, like the modern Rayman games or Wario Land Wii.


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