Arc System Works reveals results of BlazBlue 10th anniversary character popularity poll

From November 20th, 2017 through January 31st, 2018, 77,819 votes were cast in the BlazBlue 10th anniversary poll. Fans the world over picked their favorite characters, and now the results of that poll are in.

1. Ragna=The=Bloodedge – 6,620 votes
2. Hazama – 4,974 votes
3. Hibiki Kohaku – 4,861 votes
4. Yuuki Terumi
5. Jin Kisaragi
6. Mai Natsume
7. Celica Ayatsuki Mercury
8. Noel Vermillion
9. Nu-13
10. Es
11. Makoto Nanaya
12. Lambda-11
13. Tsubaki Yayoi
14. Rachel Alucard
15. Platinum the Trinity
16. Kokonoe
17. Hakumen
18. Nine the Phantom
19. Naoto Kurogane
20. Bullet

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Sat Mar 03 18 02:08am
Rating: 2

Where the heck is Taokaka?!

I thought the exact same thing... I think she was too overwhelmingly awesome so they had to exclude her from the list...but she took spot 0. above spot 1.

Blazblue fans are clearly dog people.


Also fans of Squirrel girl:

Mon Mar 05 18 09:27pm
Rating: 1

That's actually a really fun comic series... even if the art direction isn't anywhere near as cute looking as this adorable piece of cover art.

I've read comic covers are made by different artists. I can understand why, but still feels like a bad play on your expectations. On the other hand manga covers are likely made by the same artist and few standout as much, if anything promo art for anime has better compositions than many manga covers I've seen.

Sat Mar 03 18 03:09am
Rating: 1

Squirrelly cutie Makoto is only 11?! ...people truly have no taste at all...

Best girl Noel is only in 8th place!? SHAME!

Yep. I mean the gender fluid character has two mangas and a visual novel. That's why he's the best girl.

No Litchi?! Blasphemy! She's one of my favorite characters in the series. 😡

Haven't you seen gaming forums, lately? Apparently booby ladies are bad character designs.


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